Identity Verification for Trusted Access KYC Compliance User Onboarding

Identity Verification for
Trusted Access

Unlock your business growth by performing automated identity checks on individuals and securing access to their data across the continent.

Building the ultimate identity connector for Africa’s one billion customers.

Increase Revenue Opportunities through KYC

Gain genuine customers easily, onboard employees faster and verify business partners using quick and accurate background checks. We’re creating a central ID switch for validating any African’s identity for secure transactions anywhere.

Prevent Financial Theft and Data loss

Eliminate fraud by empowering your customers to give consent safely using biometric authentication. Send one time passwords using artificial intelligence to flag sensitive situations so only approved users can gain access to a service.

Design Better Experiences and Save Time

Supported on the Web, SDKs and APIs, Verified identity suite enables real-time verification that can be customised to suit any application. You can eliminate manual verification tasks and meet the needs of your customers without writing a single line of code.

Join 500+ progressive brands using Verified Identity Suite to validate identities in seconds

Inline with KYC regulations in Nigeria, Bamboo integrated our APIs to their app in order to retrieve the ‘First Name’, ‘Last Name’ and ‘Date of Birth’ of their customers from their identity numbers. So far over 50,000 records have been verified through the platform. Now live in Ghana, Bamboo continues to onboard more customers across the continent using Verified Identity suite

Union bank wanted a way to match the picture provided by a customer against the picture stored in the official NIBSS database.  They integrated into the verified identity suite via APIs in order to accurately perform facial matching, reducing their turnaround time by 100%.

Africa’s Rapid Growth requires Digital Trust

Our capabilities are used across the continent to enable businesses and government, facilitate innovation for genuine individuals.
Face Matching

Capture facial images of individuals so you can determine if they depict the same person.

Liveness Detection

Prove the face presented for authentication is a live person or a photograph or video, in order to prevent spoofing or impersonation.

Face to ID Match

Confirm a user’s facial image with a government issued ID to confirm the identity of an individual.

Biometric Consent

Enable your customers to provide biometric consent in a secure manner using machine learning technology that gets smarter with every transaction.

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