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Unleashing the new era of transformative government technologies!

New technologies hold great promise for improving government effectiveness, controlling corruption, and enhance government processes across all parastatals and projects. We are on top of innovation in the government sector, powering technologies that empower the government make data-driven decisions and policies.

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    What we offer;

    Holistic process digitization

    The most efficient governments across the globe rely on data-driven digital solutions to support a variety of policies that bring about the growth of the economy. We offer a full digitization suite for government agencies to transform their processes and meet the evolving needs of citizens.

    Powering seamless primary data collection

    Going fully digital will offer government agencies a flexible approach to everything data collection. From asset enumeration to the population census, we guarantee seamless data capture with speed, online and offline.

    Civil workforce management

    Nullify the threat of ghost-workers in government establishments by collecting the biometric details of civil workers and matching them against authentic databases. We power this project on any scale.

    Revenue management

    Be on top of your agency’s many revenue sources and automate the processes of revenue management — from collection to track.

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      Empowering organizations to meet their goals through digital transformation!