About Us

Seamfix is a team of smart and passionate individuals committed to building solutions that play a key role in meeting the growing global demand for Identity Management. We help businesses across continents achieve their business goals using technology, impacting the lives of millions in the process.

For start-ups to multinationals, our solutions are both innovative and customer-centric. We provide platforms that are user-friendly for all and sundry but not back-breaking in their costs.

We keep taking a consistent approach to creating and delivering cutting-edge technology solutions for our customers while building a relationship that has excellence at its forefront.

Identity Management Solutions Provider | Seamfix


Seamfix bases its operations on the culture of Excellence, Ownership, Passion, Leadership, Client Service, and Agile Problem Service. These core values helped us transcend from a small start-up to a leading technology solutions company, with footprints in Identity Management.

Our staff are among the best professionals available and are committed to delivering the best Identity Management solutions as well. As a result, we are trusted by multinationals and government parastatals to provide platforms that help them achieve more with their business.

Our Vision

To provide platforms that enable millions of people and businesses to achieve more daily.

Our Mission

We create and deliver cutting edge technology solutions that enable our clients and customers meet their needs.

Identity Management Solutions Provider | Seamfix