Verify Customers in Seconds & Build Trust Fast

Stop chasing fraudulent accounts and onboard genuine customers instantly with secure, AI-powered facial verification.

Simplify User Verification in 3 Steps


  • Acquire a customer’s selfie or scan their ID document with a phone or webcam.
  • No downloads or plugins are required. Works seamlessly on any device.


  • Our smart AI algorithm compares the captured image to your existing records or a secure government database.
  • Get results in seconds, even with millions of users.


  • Know instantly if the customer’s identity is verified or fake.
  • Say goodbye to waiting periods as you approve new users, prevent fraud, and build trust – all with a single click.

Make a Lasting Impression from the First Minute.

Effortless Signups

Skip the paperwork and watch conversion rates soar as Face Match welcomes trusted users quickly (and verifies their identity in seconds!)

Enhanced Security

Sleep soundly, knowing you’re protected by 99% accurate AI. Say goodbye to fraudsters and hello to worry-free operations.

Frictionless Experience

Use face match with your existing systems and save valuable time and resources. Scalable and reliable, it handles any volume of verifications with ease.

Data Security & Compliance

With robust encryption and full regulatory compliance, we ensure that facial images are securely stored and accessed only for authorized purposes.

Custom Matching Criteria

Align our solution perfectly with your unique needs and get precisely the results you want. Flexible threshold settings allow you to define how similar or dissimilar faces need to be.

Swift Verification, Happier Customers

Building Trust Across Diverse Industries

Financial Service
Criminal Identification &
Public Safety
Enhancing Airport Security
Human Resources

Combat online fraud and onboard customers in seconds. Face Match compares a user’s live selfie with their photo ID card to provide a secure biometric alternative, reducing reliance on passcodes and ensuring robust identity verification.

Improve public safety and investigations. Our Face Match employs advanced face recognition algorithms to match images from mugshots, surveillance footage, or crime scenes against official databases and watchlists

Boost telecom security with secure SIM registration, fraud prevention, and streamlined agent onboarding. FaceMatch ensures users and service providers a seamless, secure experience, emphasising reliability and trust.

Speed up guest check-ins in the hospitality sector. Integrated with booking platforms, Face Match verifies guest identities using national IDs, ensuring genuine reservations and eliminating the risk of fraudulent bookings.

Airports and border control agencies use Face Match to automate immigration checks, comparing travellers’ passport photos with live images to enhance security and expedite boarding, reducing queues.

Add transparency to your agency. Face match validates applicant and employee identities against official documents, preventing false claims and fostering trust.

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Accurate Verification, Real Impact

How our Clients Standout with Face Match

MTN Nigeria Cuts Fraud Significantly, Performs over 50,000 Verifications Per Day

The leading telecom provider in Nigeria used Face Match to eliminate fraudulent SIM card registrations and onboard millions of customers at lightning speed. This translated to increased revenue, improved security, and a seamless customer experience.

Interswitch Secures Payments and Onboards Customers with 99% Accuracy

Payments giant Interswitch utilises our Face Match Engine to verify identities for its fintech app, preventing fraud and protecting users’ data with unmatched accuracy. This ensures secure transactions and builds trust with customers.

Built to Fit your Business

Integration Made Easy

Developer-friendly APIs: Effortlessly add Face Match to your website or app with our straightforward “copy and paste” APIs.

Intuitive Web Portal

Easily upload and verify facial images, monitor results, and access detailed reports via our user-friendly web portal

No-Code Magic

Save time with our no-code solution. Use Face Match through a simple link or customise workflows without any coding requirements.

Affordable and secure

  • Budget-friendly plans: No upfront costs. Our pricing is tailored to your unique needs and usage.
  • Data privacy guaranteed: Your customer information is always safe with industry-leading security protocols and encryption.

Ready to Enjoy the Benefits of Face Match?

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