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Brief History

The Seamfix story is one of dedication, humble beginnings, and grit. The story begins with 4 wide-eyed dreamers, all different in culture and experiences but alike in one. Vision. You see, these men believed so much in the power of work to build a better world where everyone’s lives are enriched through technology.

This vision birthed the idea for Seamfix. When they started, our founders weren’t particular about a problem they wanted to solve, still, they knew there were problems companies faced that could be solved with technology. It was much later we started to find focus and streamline our services into our core business strength.

With only ₦75,000 (about $500 at the time) in their arsenal, they set out to build a mini startup with big ambitions at the forefront. One would think it was uphill from there, but in truth, it was a bumpy road.

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