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Embrace the future of exceptional student/ alumnus servicing through digitization.

In line with our mission to promote technological advancement in the educational space, we offer a solution for tertiary institutions to completely automate the processes for transcript digitization, verification, request, processing and delivery; and process automation services to boost Internal Generated Revenue (IGR).

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    What we offer;

    Transcript digitization services

    Enjoy efficiency and speed in transcript processing and delivery by digitizing students’ academic records to be stored in your institution’s database.

    Records verification services

    Defend the integrity of your institution’s results by offering a self-service portal for the verification of results, documents, certificates, and other academic records.

    Process automation for transcript request

    Mitigate against the problems of untreated transcript requests and compromised academic records; and instead, ensure your alumni are better served in the shortest possible time with ease.

    Data Analytics for Business Intelligence

    Mine data and represent it in forms that can be visualized, understood, and interpreted to make informed intelligent business decisions for the growth and development of your institution.

    Records management warehouse

    Store the information and academic records of all students (past and present) safely and orderly on the cloud to be accessed by only authorized personnel whenever the need arises.

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