Imagine A World Without Fake Credentials

Credentials offer immense value to workers and learners. Seamfix’s Verifiable credential suite enables you to securely issue or authenticate these credentials and create opportunities for the people and industries you serve.

Grant the Right Access of Services to the Right Individuals

Maintain a Safe and Compliant Workplace

Assess a worker’s training and health certificates to ensure only qualified workers are employed. Promote their physical and mental well-being by receiving health surveillance requests, generating health certificates, and digitally verifying the results’ authenticity.

Enhance your Brand Image and Prevent Data Leaks

From passwords to certificates to keys, ensure the quality, integrity, and availability of your data as you easily store and transfer your owned credentials. Deny any malicious person access to a network, application, or service by validating their submitted credentials.

Improve Employee Performance and Customer Happiness

Eliminate cumbersome paperwork and administrative headaches as you issue and verify electronic certificates with ease. Connect with clients, schedule appointments, send reminders, and perform quick service deliveries automatically.

Join Africa’s biggest names in Leveraging Credential Suite

Seamfix developed and deployed an electronic transcript solution for UNN to help with the digitization of student academic records for easy processing of transcript and verification requests. Since its inception to date, the platform has digitised over 400,000 academic records, processed over 75,000 transcripts, and 7,000 verification requests and increased the university’s Internally generated revenue (IGR) by 1,500%.

Imagine a world without Fake Credentials

We’ve built useful capabilities to promote a global village where every document or transaction can be certified.

Blockchain Technology

Allows for easy credential creation and tamper-proof digital storage.

Integrated Cloud Platform

Easily create and issue verifiable credentials from a central cloud platform.

Core Biometric Capabilities

Encode biometric verifications to the issued credentials to enable trust.

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