End-to-End Biometric Enrolment Solution 

Accelerate public inclusion and solve KYC compliance as you enrol and onboard biometric data with high-quality standards globally.

Equal access to opportunities begins with trusted identities

Gain Market Share through Rapid Growth

Perform full biometric and textual data capture to digitally register your customers in any location and collect key insights while meeting stringent data checks.

Pass all Compliance Regulations and Prevent Fraud

Leverage our identity APIs to crosscheck reliable databases of valid IDs in seconds, allowing you to prove that registered customers are indeed who they say they are and also track defaulters.

Promote Inclusive Governance and Boost your Economy

Achieve digital inclusion with unique identification of every citizen. Create foundational databases from birth or death registration to driver’s license to data modification and ID issuance.

Join Africa’s biggest names in Leveraging Digital Identity Enrollment

NIMC has the legal mandate to provide a foundational identity database for over 200 million Nigerian citizens and legal residents. Seamfix easily deployed a mobile system that allows NIMC’s agents to move around to capture data while also maintaining required quality standards. Within one year of operation, the system enrolled over 4 million Nigerians and legal residents into the NIMC database, enabling access to NIN Enrollment for over 8000 enrollment centres nationwide.

Nigeria’s largest operator, MTN Nigeria was fined for delay in barring the lines of over 5.2 million subscribers who had poor or bad SIM registration data captured by the Telco. In 10 days, Seamfix implemented a KYC solution that allowed for client-side, real-time validation of captured subscriber details (textual, fingerprints and portrait) as well as back-end revalidation of these records. Our KYC solution suite processed millions of SIM registrations weekly, hitting a peak of over 600k registrations a day.
(BAT) conducted a Retail Census Project to measure their business growth and get key insights across the Nigerian Market. Seamfix swooped in to power a mobile data capture solution that enables the conversion of all kinds of paper forms to digital forms, enhancing the collection of both textual and biometric data. Over 250,000 retail outlets were captured nationwide in 3 months using 330 field agents.

Building The Gateway to Digital Inclusion

Our capabilities are used across the continent to enable businesses and government, facilitate innovation for genuine individuals.
Background Cleanup

Our state-of-the-art engine can identify and separate humans from the background, ensuring you never miss a facial detail.

Full Biometric Support

Implement fingerprint identification, facial recognition, Iris and retina pattern recognition to onboard customers and meet high-quality KYC standards.

Contact & Contactless Capture

Collect biometric data like fingerprints without the need for physical contact using our AI and other non-intrusive methods.

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