Drive Customer Acquisition Without Breaking The Bank

More customers, More Profits, Less work.

Traditional banks are limited, but digital companies can do it all. We transform ALL customer touchpoints to drive revenue growth, compliance, security and ease of service anywhere.

Business Growth Beyond The Office Address

Prevent Fraud Instantly with Automated Identity Checks

Save time and money spent on chasing fraudsters. Industry-leading AI powers our user verification workflow so you can keep them out from the start.

Meet all Compliance Standards Easily with Biometric Consent

Obtain consent for every digital transaction from your clients wherever they are without having to manually contact them or reduce delays due to prolonged timing.

Convert Genuine Customers Faster with Delightful Onboarding

Take new users from signup to superfans with speedy and simple KYC onboarding from the get-go as you confirm exactly who they say they are. helps to reduce our risk exposure and obtain accurate data. We can also do analytics on the customers that we are verifying. We can see where they are coming from, we can use them to project where we should target more customers from. It gives us that level of confidence, especially with regulatory bodies and agencies. With, we can present our customers and be sure that they are who they say they are. That’s the best part for us.

Adebowale Musa, Settlement Manager, Invest Bamboo


Identity Verification for Speedy Customer Onboarding

We help you provide a seamless user verification experience with identity and document support in 4 countries and counting across Africa.

  • Authenticate new and returning customers in seconds through face capture and liveness detection
  • Verify originality of official documents and addresses automatically to eliminate fraudulent users.
  • Cross-platform support from web to mobile and APIs allows real-time data transfer between your application and our database.
  • Carry out background checks without writing a single line of code.

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