Mobile Device Management on the go

SmartMDM is a flexible mobile device management solution that enables organizations to address data insecurity, poor data management, unauthorized device usage, access, and much more. With SmartMDM, compliance is at the top of your organization’s priority list. 

Why SmartMDM?

Everything You Need To Manage Mobile Devices Wherever, Whenever!

You’ve spent money acquiring devices, now let’s help you secure them. Never lose your mobile devices in the field with our centralized platform for holistic management and security.

Multiple Devices; A Centralized Platform


Central Device Management

Retain autonomy to decide what your on-field devices do from your central device.

Decide what your on-field devices do in real time such as usage, mapping devices to users, blacklisting or whitelisting, and many more.


Kiosk lockdown (For windows)

Ensure work effectiveness by restricting Windows devices to just one business-related activity after starting up the device.


Identity & Access Management

Create users, assign roles, and manage device access by allowing only authorized users through unique identification.


Real-time Device Monitoring & Control

Geofence a device to enforce its location, monitor its overall performance, including its battery life, storage capacity, and troubleshoot from a central device.


Report & Analytics

Stay in the loop by having access to accurate insight on every onboarded device.

Get real time reports on users’ activities to make data-driven decisions.


Single Sign-On (SSO) & API integration

Allow users to log into other primary applications on their devices through SmartMDM using SSO. It also supports seamless API integration with other third-party solutions.

Smart Device Management; Smarter Workforce

Power up with Smart Mobile Device Management

Improve Business Visibility

Get insights into core activities happening with the devices assigned to agents in different locations from a central point via real-time reports and analytics.

Stay Compliant Always

MDM solution offers features that help you to ensure security and stay compliant with increasing data protection regulations, like GDPR, on all your mobile devices easily.

Take your Business to the Next Level with SmartMDM

Data Security

Avoid leaving your company’s data vulnerable today by fortifying your device’s security


Become more proactive with automated device management processes


Remotely manage your users’ activities to ensure they are fully compliant with laid down policies

Centralized Platform

See all, know all, and control multiple devices from a single administrator’s platform

Easy Onboarding

Experience easy user and device enrolment on a DIY-suitable dashboard

Cost-effectiveness and Risk Management

Avoid unnecessary IT maintenance cost by remotely identifying and troubleshooting device issues early

Securely Manage your Devices on any Platform Convenient for you

Be it web portal, Android, or Windows-enabled devices, SmartMDM gives you access to relevant insight for real-time analysis and decision making.

Trust SmartMDM

“With SmartMDM, business took a new look as we could now securely understand and control how we operate and what our staff do outside the four walls of our office”

Cyril Mark

IT Manager

“At first, we were skeptical, but after we integrated SMartMDM, maintenance costs were drastically reduced, and we can now troubleshoot our devices remotely as soon as we get notified”

Juliet Alfred

On-field Agents Manager

“After handing over our students’ device management to SMartMDM, we now rest assured that our purpose for bringing in the devices to the school system is being met. Nothing to worry about, we are in charge of what they do with those devices”

Mark Chinedu


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