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The Seamfix IDQR is a technology that encodes biometric and textual data that can be used to identify an individual and generates a unique code that can only be read and verified by the custom IDQR mobile application.

Background Cleanup

Enables removal of a picture’s original background using the Seamfix background cleanup model.

Face Matching

Face matching uses a set of rules to detect a face in an image and then compare that face to a face or other faces to determine if there is a match.

Liveness Detection

Liveness detection checks if the image being captured is a live image or a picture of a picture.

Physical ID to Live Face Match

Provides real-time identification which enables identifying an image/face on a physical ID and matching it with a face in a live picture.


This features identifies extra or duplicate data in a dataset and deletes it so that one is stored

Contactless capture

Captures biometrics without a physical touch on a biometric device

SDK Fingerprint support

Software development kits supporting various fingerprint devices

ICAO Check

This features provides quality check on portrait images according to the ICAO standards

Fingerprint Quality Check

This is responsible for checking the fingerprint image quality according to custom defined thresholds


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