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Our Goal

To be the technology partner of choice for thousands of global organizations on their journey of Digital Transformation for business growth and customer satisfaction, with a focus on:

One platform, multiple solutions to business digitalization challenges

Onboard with compliance

We provide solutions that strike the balance between meeting regulatory requirements and creating a seamless customer-centric onboarding experience, so that customers are activated almost immediately in a risk free environment.

Gather Insights For Growth

We believe that decisions should be data-driven not based on presumptions and that is why we build technologies that support digital data collection and predictive analytics to make insights readily available for businesses to make informed decisions.

Build Trust With Verified Identities

We want every business to operate with transparency and the peace of mind that their customers are exactly who they say they are; and so we power solutions that verify identities and curb fraudulent activities associated with identity theft thus eliminating corruption.

Transform your tertiary institution

We digitally transform the way tertiary institutions store academic records; simplify the way alumni request and obtain their transcripts; and make it possible for receiving organizations to clear up doubts about any academic records.

Automate telecommunication processes

We enable telecommunications operators and Internet Service Providers to meet KYC regulatory compliance with ease, automate airtime recharge and data top-up, and offer subscribers the future of customer service and convenience.

Become a digital business

We offer technologies that automate existing manual processes between a business and its customers so that everyone can have a better quality of life, and businesses are guaranteed continuity

Expand beyond boundaries

We empower businesses to expand their customer base and boost their revenue streams through a viable network of agents (equipped only with their smartphones), and monitor insights and activities of these agents wherever and whenever.

We are keen on growth and empowerment.

Everything we do starts and finishes with our dedication to see businesses thrive in any weather and people achieve extraordinary success.

Let’s begin with you.

Why entrust your business’s digital future to our hands?

For over a decade, Seamfix has been at the forefront of digital transformation because we believe that the world would be a far better place if appropriate technology was adopted as a way of life. We take a consistent approach to creating and delivering innovative technology solutions that empower businesses to meet their customer’s needs and deliver satisfaction with high-quality service.

Our efforts in the tech ecosystem have earned us a crowd of awards and recognitions including;

“Seamfix recognized by LSEG as one of the companies to inspire Africa 2019”

“Seamfix's BioRegistra has been instrumental in our bid to document our large workforce spread across Nigeria. Seamfix's approach of offering the biometric data capture platform as a service has also made biometric enrollment projects less daunting.”

Timi Adebayo

Head of IT services, Halogen

“The timing of the release of the BioRegistra product by Seamfix was just-in-time. CloudCover had just identified the need to carry out a know your customer (KYC) process before onboarding any customer and integrating with their platform via provided APIs was seamless with the modular design of our systems. Today, Bioregistra powers an integral part of our business process.”

Martins Ebiri

Group infrastructure and systems manager, CloudCover

We appreciate your work because the entire work done by your team, as well as the selfless support rendered are exceptional. Due to your company’s efforts, enthusiasm and commitment, our organization was able to achieve remarkable results within a relatively short time. This is particularly commendable as your company had a very short window to implement MTN Nigeria’s request.

Soyinka Shodunke

Former CIO, MTN Nigeria

“This idea is very much welcome. I placed my transcript request from the comfort of my bed and got confirmation that it had reached its destination in just 5 days. Big ups to UNN!”



“Through the use of BioRegistra, the capture in Katsina was recorded as smooth, peaceful and safe.”

Honourable Abdul Kadir Zakka

Commissioner for Local Government and Chieftancy Affairs, Katsina State

“Seamfix has provided excellent support, enabling us to respond to our customers quickly and efficiently. As this has made a remarkable difference to our business, we look forward to partnering with them in future for more innovation.”

Owenizie Odia

(Country Lead, Luno)

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Our partner program is the foundation of a strategic, growth-driven relationship between you, your clients, and us.

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