The Modern Tool to Empower Every Citizen with a Digital Identity

Civil Registra accelerates access to a legal identity for people in rural or urban areas through mobile enrolment and high data quality.

Want to Capture Biometric Data for Millions?

It’s harder than you think.

Even the United Nations recognizes the effort it would take by 2030 for all countries to provide legal identity for citizens, including birth registration (SDG 16).

We have provided solutions to government organizations, enhanced their operating processes and enrolled over 50 million citizens in the process. We have worked very well with government organizations in Africa, hence we understand what is required to partner with and deliver.

CivilRegistra is the catalyst.

Why Civil Registra?

One Product – Multiple Captures

Save money, time and staff hours as CR enables you to carry out Adult and Child Enrollments, birth and death registrations, Data updates, Card Personalization and Issuance.

Total Data and Device Security

Multiple security measures to ensure data breach is mitigated, we encrypt data at multiple layers (atRest, Ontransit and in-memory). AES empowers Africa with the needed platform to capture data anywhere, anytime, streamline the onboarding process and capture high-quality data that meets GDPR compliance checks.

Multi-Platform Support

Front-end solution for civil registration which supports Android OS, Windows, and Web Enrollment to a wide range of fingerprint and Iris scanners such as contactless, Kojak, and Suprema.

Built With High Quality

Industry standard validations for Biometrics compliant to NIST and ICAO standards. Curb double registration and fraud with Pre Enrollment checks and other quality enforcement mechanisms such as liveness detection, and biometric quality validation.

Secure Mobile Enrollment for All

Enrolment agents never have to worry about compromising health compliance regulations as biometric capture can be done from a safe distance while enrollee data is securely captured onto the client’s servers.

Enrollment Use Cases and Capabilities

Civil Registration ( Adult & Child)

Birth Registration

Death Registration

Data Modification/Update

Unique ID number Retrieval

and Slip Issuance Card

Replacement or Renewal

Biometrics in Government

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