Identity Verification For

Trusted Access

Flexible capabilities to perform quick and automated identity checks of your customers and ensure trust in transactions both offline and online.

4+ countries and over 200,000 IDs

Self-service for faster onboarding

Cross-Platform Support

Verify suite helps you provide a seamless user experience with document and facial verification for Africa’s billion customers.

Empower your customers from the first interaction with a self-service workflow built to delight genuine users and keep out fraudulent transactors.

Available on the web, SDKs and APIs, Verify suite enables real-time verification that can be customised to suit any application.

Trust is Believable. Trust is Peaceful.

From fintech to crypto to mobility tech to banking, be rest assured that no matter the authentication services you need, verify-suite can help you grow your business with peace of mind helps to reduce our risk exposure and obtain accurate data. We can also do analytics on the customers that we are verifying. We can see where they are coming from, we can use them to project where we should target more customers from. It gives us that level of confidence, especially with regulatory bodies and agencies. With, we can present our customers and be sure that they are who they say they are. That’s the best part for us

Adebowale Musa, Settlement Manager, Invest Bamboo

SOLUTION makes Fintech customer operations a breeze.

No matter the use case, is the one-stop solution for progressive institutions looking to verify and onboard customers seamlessly. 

Use Verified.Africa for Background Checks and KYC Onboarding

Hundreds of Africa’s progressive brands use to carry out real-time background checks, onboard customers, and meet KYC compliance in minutes.

Powerful Capabilities to Secure your Brand

Liveness Detection

Physical ID and Document Recognition

Biometric Consent

Prove the identity of your customers and verify they are living and real by checking for movements in real-Time.

Confirm a user’s identity by checking their ID records against numerous official databases across Africa.

Enable your customers to provide biometric consent in a secure manner using machine learning technology that gets smarter with every transaction.


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