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Stop Identity Fraud, onboard customers globally, and achieve Instant KYC Compliance with Our AI-Powered Platform.

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Seamfix verify cross-references trustworthy government databases, swiftly validating document IDs. Our lightning-fast verification system ensures authenticity for customers, partners, and employees.
13,000 documents. 225+ countries. 

Prevent Fraud and Block Unauthorized Access.

Say goodbye to chasing fraudsters. Seamfix verify integrates biometric verification swiftly into your onboarding process, saving you time and money. Our cutting-edge AI technology empowers your verification workflow, keeping unauthorised users out from the get-go.

Liveness Detection

Real-time checks ensure users are present and alive, safeguarding transactions from impersonation and spoofing attempts.

Facial and ID Card Recognition

Match IDs to Faces anywhere in Africa with machine learning.Effortlessly match IDs to faces across the globe, enabling swift identification and robust access control. Obtain biometric consent for high-value transactions with ease.

90% Accuracy. 0.3 seconds Response Time

Perform KYC Checks in One Click

Create a seamless onboarding process with our no-code solution. Meet compliance standards by sharing a verification link with your customers on any platform – no coding required.

Simplified Solution for Busy Teams

Get your hands on our API documentation to see why it’s the preferred choice for developers around the world.

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Sustainable Development Goals (SDG Target 16.6.2) evaluates the percentage of the population satisfied with their last experience with public services, encompassing healthcare, education, and government services. This includes services related to obtaining government-issued identification documents and services associated with civil registration of life events like births, marriages, and deaths. So,

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KYC in Gaming and Betting: Ensuring Fair Play and Safety

In 2022, Africa’s gaming and betting scene exploded, making nearly a billion dollars in revenue. Nigeria, Ghana, and South Africa lead the pack, with South Africa being the top player. Most of this action comes from sports betting, and what’s interesting is that people now prefer to play online (iGaming)

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KYC Compliance in Ride-Hailing: Building Trust and Safety

In 2019, a popular ride-hailing company lost its permission to work in London because many drivers faked who they were on the app. Imagine, over 14,000 trips were taken with drivers who weren’t really who they said they were. That’s a significant risk for every passenger. Ride-hailing apps on phones

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