Get Your Workers Medically Cleared for Work - Fast.

Meet safety compliance and manage credentials on the go.

The days of dealing with data manipulation and compliance issues are over. You can now collate workers’ details digitally, remotely schedule biometric appointments and automatically generate authentic credentials for workers easily.

Credential Management At The Tap Of A Button

Manage Health and Safety Records Easily using Blockchain

Eliminate the constraints of manual health-record keeping as you create, manage, and issue credentials and certificates on the cloud.

Meet Regulatory Standards and Avoid Compliance Fines

Never have to pay a chunk of your revenue to compliance bodies as you eliminate identity falsification, forged records and keep every staff aligned with your policies.

Make Data-driven Decisions to drive Productivity

Gain a competitive edge in your industry through monitoring and aggregation of insights from a central dashboard that tracks worker’s health and performance data.


Credential Management and Verification

From the credential issuers to the workers to their hirers, we provide you with the security and automation of digitally verifying your workforce’s competence and ensure fit-for-task compliance.

  • Maintain workers’ total well-being through health surveillance requests, generating health certificates and medical test verification.
  • Digitise cumbersome administrative processes and issue electronic certificates without complications.
  • Leverage the power of biometric technology to identify and tie each worker to their health data uniquely without mismatch.
  • Access real-time cloud databases to download critical data as needed using Seamfix Care as your trusted portal.
  • Web portal and Android application with easy-to-navigate interface for a better user experience.

Seamfix Cred also powers credential
management in many industries


The mines are no place for trial and error. Reduce fatal incidents by ensuring only expert workers handle critical tasks.


Pilots are responsible for thousands of lives every day. Make sure they’re qualified and fit to fly before they get on duty.


Heavy machines require technical depth. move goods faster by ensuring all factory staff adheres to company policies.


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