Seamfix Meets Arise TV: Chibuzor Onwurah Talks Digital Transformation in Africa

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Seamfix is pleased to publicize our recent feature on Arise TV – a global news channel with a strong focus on Africa.

In a 9-minute interview packed with industry insights, Chibuzor Onwurah, our co-founder and executive director expatiated on “Achieving Sustainable Growth through Digital Transformation

Chibuzor was featured on the “Arise Xchange” slot – a weekday evening programme that focuses on Pan-African financial news and global markets.

Here’s a summary of the interview:

What does Digital Transformation mean for Business Leaders today?

“Digital Transformation is the art of a business bringing in technology to change what they do so they can be more efficient, reduce risk, discover new revenue streams and innovate manual processes in a constantly changing world.

It starts from the mind – it’s a cultural change, from the business leader recognizing that times are changing so you need to be prepared to test new methods and from there discover where you’re dropping the ball.

Then you look for the right technology to transform a particular business goal.

And the technology used is just a tool – it starts with a leader understanding what they want to achieve then finding the right tool/service as a fit for it.”

Chibuzor Onwurah Arise TV

On Digital Identity for Developing Countries

“An important benefit of digital transformation is that it makes your business more customer accessible, through self-service.

Now, customers are able to utilize your service at their own time and pace and on their own devices. Thinking about that, to serve that customer you need to know who they are.

And that leads you to regulatory aspects like KYC(know-your-customer) and the business aspect of identifying these customers so you can better tailor services to them using data from specific interests based on their activities and preferences.

The more you can know and identify a customer, the more you can tailor your value to them which helps you keep them in the long term”

Chibuzor Onwurah Arise TV


Ensuring Safety of Customer Identity

“This is where the technology used and partners come into play.

For example, Verified africa helps you to digitally perform customer and address verification and it’s plugged into regulatory bodies like NIMC (National Identity Management Commission).

The identity data gotten from customers isn’t transferred to businesses, so a customer never needs to worry about a data breach or mishandling”

How does this affect the Future of Work?

“The post-pandemic world makes digital transformation a reality and a requirement. For example, banks use our onboarding solutions to acquire customers anywhere in the world, from church to the marketplace.

Every single sector has various use cases for Digital Transformation meaning there’s so much to be done.

It doesn’t just make your work faster alone, it makes you approach things differently.

So it’s not that jobs will be lost but the nature of work will change. Workers will need upskilling which is actually better for them in the long term.

So we need more hands, we need more education. We have a young population that needs to be trained and acquire skills to contribute to the change we need.

That’s why we’re launching the  “Seamfix Nextgen Academy“.  We want to train over 10,000 young people over the next few years so they can have more tech skills and contribute to the digital world.

Tech is here to enable everyone for more and for better.”

Watch the Full Interview below:


Seamfix is a proud supporter of talent. To find out more about the nextgen academy, visit the site to get the required information.

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