Seamfix’s Transformative Role in Enabling 100 Million National ID Enrollments

100 Million NIN national identity enrolment Nigeria

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The National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) set an ambitious goal in December 2020 to register 100 million people within three years, and Seamfix has been at the forefront of this project. We’re thrilled to share our remarkable contribution to empowering the vision of 100 million national ID enrollments in Nigeria.


With the support of our licensed enrollment partners, NIMC has expanded its infrastructure from just over 1,000 enrollment centres and 2,000 enrollment devices to an impressive network of over 15,000 enrollment centres and 29,000 enrollment devices deployed nationwide. As a result, over 89 million National Identification Numbers (NINs) have been successfully generated, surpassing initial expectations.

Serving as a software vendor, we developed the Android Enrollment solution, enabling accessible and widespread NIN enrollment for both urban and rural communities. By creating robust and sophisticated enrollment software on mobile devices, Seamfix facilitated efficient and high-quality biometric data capture, both offline and online.

Our expertise and innovative approach led to seamless integration with the National Identity Database (NIDB), ensuring that every Nigerian citizen could participate in the National Identity program. As a licensed enrollment partner, we deployed a dedicated pool of agents who worked tirelessly to ensure that individuals from every corner of the country had the opportunity to register and be part of this transformative program. Through sheer commitment and excellence, we earned a well-deserved position among the top ten National Identity database enrollment contributors.

“It is the right of every Nigerian to access public and private services that promote their well-being, whether financially, socially, or otherwise,” emphasizes Chimezie Emewulu, Group CEO of Seamfix Limited. “Our partnership with NIMC has made this a reality for as many people as possible. However, our mission is far from over; we strive for all 200 million Nigerians to gain access to this unique identity, fostering a better standard of living for the entire nation.”

Not only has NIMC made significant strides within Nigeria, but it has also expanded its reach on an international level. Today, NIMC has diaspora enrollment centres in over 40 countries, with plans to establish more centres in the coming months. Seamfix’s partnership with NIMC has transcended borders as well. Recognizing the importance of inclusion, we have set up enrollment centres in various European cities, enabling Nigerians living abroad to participate in the National Identity program. This has bridged the geographical gap, ensuring that Nigerians worldwide can access and benefit from the national identification system.

The commission expresses its gratitude for the unwavering support of President Muhammadu Buhari throughout his administration. “The support of Mr. President for NIMC shows the importance he places on digital identity,” acknowledges NIMC Director-General and Chief Executive Officer, Aliyu Aziz.

Seamfix is a leading software provider driving digital transformation across multiple industries. Our focus on identity management, data management, and business process automation empowers organizations to unlock the full potential of technology, fostering growth and enhancing customer experiences.

As we reflect on the achievements of the past and look towards the future, we remain committed to partnering with NIMC and other stakeholders to advance the National Identity program further. Together, we will continue to make a lasting impact, empowering millions more Nigerians with the opportunities to access services with a trusted digital identity.

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