3 Tech Skills That Can Up Your Game in The Job Market

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We thought it would be cool to share interesting facts about each program that the Next Gen Academy offers. Our goal is to make you one of the hottest cakes in town, with regards to tech skills that you will be acquiring. 


This is an amazing opportunity for you to kickstart your tech career in either Front End Development, Back End Development or Product Design. This is also a guide that helps you determine what program to register for.

  • Front End Development

Front End Development simply entails the building of the front-end portions of websites and web applications that users typically see and interact with. The daily uses of apps, websites and web applications are possible because of front end developers. They make what you see and interrelate using languages such as HTML, CSS and Javascript. The design elements you see on websites were done by front end developers. 


The Next Gen Academy can help you become one of the most sought after Front End Developers in the job market. This means that you can potentially work with tech companies that create products that millions of users interact with. You can become a Front End Developer, with the opportunity to think and develop a product from a user perspective. Become a Front End Developer today. You can read more about Front End Developer salaries here.


  • Back End Development

You probably guessed it correctly. It is the opposite of Front End Development. Back End Development entails working on server-side software, which focuses on everything that you don’t see on a website. 


Think of it like the magic that happens behind the scenes. Many users do not interact with it. In this line of work, you will focus on the pointers, hints and relevant information that make it possible for users to see what they need on the front end. The only difference is that you’re doing it from the backend.


Amazon is a good example of Back End Development in action. You go on Amazon to search for a new shirt. A Back End Developer uses server-side language to pull all the information about shirts from a database. That information is then processed in an application and returned to the user through Front End language


Back-end developers ensure the website performs correctly, focusing on databases, back-end logic,  application programming interface (APIs) and so much more. Become a Back End Developer today. You can learn the differences between Front End Development and Back End Development here.


  • Product Design

Product design is the process of conceptualising the needs of a user, their journey and experience while using an app or website for a particular product or service. Product designers bring these ideas to life by visualising the user journey and experience, pulling it together and designing the product to the user’s taste. 


An example of this is the mobile bank apps that you interact with almost daily. The different steps you take to perform several transactions is determined by the product designer. Product designers also consider the user interface and user experience (UI/UX). The interface of an app or website simply means what it looks like. It encompasses the look, feel, and relatability of a product. All of these are used by consumers who need that product to do something for them. Think about the iOS interface and compare it with an Android interface. They look and feel different to each user, especially based on preference. Your average iPhone has a different interface from a Samsung, that’s the gist of it!


Product Designers determine all of these things with one goal in mind; to satisfy the user. Become a Product Designer today! You can learn more about Product Design here.

These three programs are awesome starting points for you to begin your journey in tech. They are also very interesting because you get the opportunity to reason along the lines of a user – like yourself. What is ideal for a website or app? How quickly and easily do you want to perform the actions? What makes the experience worthwhile and what doesn’t? These are things to consider when you register for any of the programs that the Next Gen Academy offers. Sign up and register for our next cohort in January 2023. We look forward to having you!

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