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Incorporate identity verification, fraud detection and ensure KYC compliance seamlessly into your onboarding process without the need for coding.

Seamfix Verify No-code

Fast-track Growth with No-code ID Capture

Focus on what counts: swiftly gaining customers. Our No-code solution simplifies compliance, covering Digital ID Verification, Biometric Verification, and Document Verification. In seconds, you can effortlessly collect and validate your customer’s identities without worrying about building your own interface.

How It Works

Configure Your Verification Flow

Utilise our prebuilt tools and user-friendly interface to create the perfect customer verification experience. You’re in control every step of the way.

Select Verification Type

Choose between government ID verification or document verification, or combine both for comprehensive checks.

  • Digital ID Verification.
  • Digital ID + Biometric Verification.
  • Document Verification.

Customise Workflow Steps

Define the sequence of verification steps, such as document upload, biometric checks, liveness detection, Image quality checks, or background cleanup.

Customise Your Theme

Let your brand be spoken for. Easily upload your logos and colour themes that suit your verification style.

Generate Link
(API/SDK, Private Link)

With your verification flow in place, our platform generates a unique link for you. This link is the key to initiating the verification process for your customers.

Quick Link Generation

Our No Code system creates links in seconds, ready for distribution.


Whether API/SDK or private link mode, our No-code implementation can be easily plugged into your use case.

Secure Link Management

Keep track of all generated links and access them whenever you need to verify customers.

Verify Customers

Once your customers receive the generated link, they can start the verification process hassle-free.

Customer-Friendly Experience

Customers easily follow the intuitive steps and submit the required documents or IDs.

Real-time Verification

Our No Code platform performs real-time checks, ensuring the accuracy and authenticity of the submitted information.

View Report

Stay informed and maintain complete control over your verification process with our comprehensive reporting features.

Real-time Reporting

Gain immediate access to verification results as they happen, allowing you to make quick decisions.

Detailed Insights

Analyse detailed reports, including verification status, timestamp, and any issues encountered during the process

Export and Archive Data

Easily export reports for your records or compliance purposes and archive data for future reference.

Take a Guided Tour

Experience a detailed walkthrough of our no-code ID solution—free of charge and at your convenience.

Financial Services

Strengthen the security of your online banking platform and simplify payment authorisations. Whether integrating KYC compliance for the first time or re-enforcing user verification, our no-code ID solutions are built to meet the distinct requirements of online financial transactions.


Customise your verification process to seamlessly align with your check-in procedures, ensuring a smoother and more secure experience for your guests. Share a link at the booking stage or on their way, enabling verification before they reach your desk. With no-code simplicity, only authorised individuals gain access to your facilities and events


Secure point-of-sale transactions and mitigate the risk of loss, both online and offline. Our no-code ID solutions offer a versatile toolkit, addressing challenges such as identity validation during transactions and ensuring the secure delivery of items.

Face Match

Securely onboard users with biometric verification by comparing their live selfie with their photo ID card.

Document Verification

Fast and secure verification for individuals and businesses by validating multiple IDs.

Face Capture

Capture high quality facial images of individuals that meet global standards and prevent impersonation

Government verification

Run a quick check of an individual’s documents against official government databases across africa.

Compliance at the Core

Stay ahead with Seamfix Verify. Our robust facial recognition technology ensures security and compliance with regulatory requirements. Trust us to safeguard your data.

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