Protect Your Business with Lightning-Fast Document Verification

Securely onboard customers, screen employees, and safeguard your reputation with 99% accurate ID checks worldwide.

Seamfix Verify Document Verification

Swift Verification, Happier Customers

Unstoppable Growth, Unbreakable Security

Swift Onboarding

Slash onboarding time by 90% and delight customers with instant access to your services.

Secure Precision

Achieve 99% accuracy in ID validation, virtually eliminating fraud and saving you money.

Efficient Compliance

Meet AML, KYC, and other industry regulations with ease, regardless of document volume.

Verify Documents in a Flash

Utilise our prebuilt tools and user-friendly interface to create the perfect customer document verification experience. You’re in control every step of the way.

Easy Capture

  • Users capture clear ID images with any device, guided by our intuitive system.
  • Essential information is extracted instantly, saving time and effort.

AI-powered Verification

  • Our advanced AI and machine learning authenticate IDs against a vast network of African government databases, ensuring accuracy and security.
  • Duplicates and fraudulent documents are quickly detected and flagged.

Instant Feedback

  • Users receive immediate results, indicating a positive match or negative result.
  • The verification process completes seamlessly, providing a smooth user experience.

Use Cases Across Diverse Industries

Fintech & Banking
Human Resources

Get users verified and access financial services instantly, reducing friction and boosting customer satisfaction.

Verify seller identities to build buyer confidence, protect your platform from fraud, and prevent costly chargebacks.

Safe Rides, Every Time: Guarantee Driver & Rider Safety with Secure ID Verification

Speed up guest check-ins at hotels or accommodations while complying with local regulations.

Detect and block underage users with advanced age verification technology, ensuring responsible gaming practices.

Hire Confidently, Protect Data: Verify Candidate IDs & Secure Information

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Hospitality Image
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Unlock Your Growth with Trusted Document Verification

Faster, Cheaper, and More Reliable, Meet your compliance needs easily and at a fraction of the costs.

Simplest Integrations

Onboard customers directly from your app, mobile browser, or create a direct link and share it with your customers.

  • Explore No-code
  • Read API documentation
  • Visit Web Portal

Enhanced Security

Prevent impersonation with AI-powered image validation, comparing ID photos with live selfies. This ensures the document belongs to the right owner.

Compliance at the Core

Stay ahead with Seamfix Verify. Our robust facial recognition technology ensures security and compliance with regulatory requirements. Trust us to safeguard your data.

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