Background Cleanup: Get High-Quality Images for Identity Verification

Background cleanup and Image validation identity verification

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Background cleanup is the process of removing distractions from images, ensuring the focus remains on the subject. With Seamfix Verify’s background cleanup service, you can confidently submit or get clear pictures for image validation and user onboarding. 

Here’s how it works in this detailed guide.


Image Validation for Identity Verification

Image validation is essential to ensure the authenticity and integrity of submitted images. Seamfix Verify goes beyond superficial checks, meticulously examining image size, format, resolution, and signs of tampering. 

For example, when you apply for a new account, the bank must verify your identity documents, such as your ID card or driver’s license. By validating the images, the bank can ensure that the documents are genuine and haven’t been altered, providing a secure banking experience.

This comprehensive process provides an additional layer of security, preventing fraud and ensuring that only genuine identities are verified. It helps prevent scenarios where individuals attempt to manipulate or forge images to gain unauthorized access or engage in fraudulent activities.


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Simplifying Background Cleanup with Seamfix Verify’s API

Seamlessly integrating with existing identity verification workflows, our API allows users to perform background cleanup effortlessly. 

Once integrated, you can upload an image and select the background cleanup option. The API automatically removes distractions, enhances image quality, and streamlines the validation process with just a few clicks.

Let’s say you work for a ride-hailing company registering new drivers. With our API, you can easily incorporate background cleanup into your registration process. Applicants can submit clear images for identity verification, ensuring a smooth onboarding experience.

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Practical Tips for Capturing High-Quality Images for Identity Verification

While background cleanup improves image quality, individuals can proactively ensure their images meet the highest standards.

Let’s consider the scenario of a customer visiting a mobile network operator to upgrade their SIM card. By following these practical tips, the customer can help facilitate a seamless identity verification process:

  • Maintain Direct Eye Contact: Look directly into the camera when capturing the image. This ensures accurate capture of facial features and contributes to precise and reliable verification results. Just like when you’re at the telco store, the representative can capture a clear image of your face for identity verification.

  • Remove Hats and Glasses: Remove any accessories like hats or glasses that may obstruct the view of your face. Clear visibility of facial details is crucial for accurate identity verification; this allows the telco representative to capture a clear, unobstructed image of your face during the SIM card upgrade process.

  • Optimise Lighting Conditions: Choose natural or soft lighting conditions when capturing images for identity verification. Avoid harsh lighting or direct sunlight, which can cause overexposure or shadows, compromising the clarity of facial features.

  • Simplify the Background: Avoid busy or cluttered backgrounds that impede the background cleanup process. Capture images against solid backgrounds or plain walls to ensure a seamless cleanup process and improve overall image quality. At the telco store, the representative can guide you to a suitable location with a plain background for capturing your identity verification image.

  • Optimise Image Settings: Before submitting images for verification, ensure they are in the appropriate format (JPEG or PNG) and have a resolution of at least 300 DPI. This guarantees high-quality images ready for efficient processing and validation. The telco representative can assist in verifying that the image meets the required format and resolution for seamless processing.

Background cleanup and Image validation identity verification


Get started with Seamfix Verify

We empower individuals and businesses to enhance image quality, ensuring error-free validation and onboarding. So, whether at the airport, onboarding a customer, opening a bank account, or getting a new SIM card, you can confidently rely on background cleanup for seamless identity verification.

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