Seamfix Expands Background Check and Verification Services Across Africa

Seamfix Background Check services Africa

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Seamfix is excited to announce the expansion of our background check services into new African markets. Now we can provide the best background check and identity verification solutions in Ghana, Benin Republic, Ivory Coast, South Africa, Nigeria and Senegal. This is a significant step as we scale globally.

 Enjoy Comprehensive and Secure Background Checks 

Our full suite of offerings include:

  • Foreign Certificate Verification

To ensure the authenticity of educational and professional certificates.

  • Personal Reference Check & Guarantor Check

So you can verify references and guarantors before making decisions.

  • Previous Employer Check

Confirm that the talent actually worked where they claim to have worked.

  • Identity Check

So you can verify an individual’s identity through digital/physical documents or biometrics.

  • Social Media Check

To give you insights into an individual’s online presence and behavior.


Building On Our Success in Nigeria

In addition to our existing offerings, we’re now providing the following services in Nigeria.

  • Cross-client verification to verify information across different databases.
  • Address Confirmation for confirming an individual’s current residence.
  • Credit Checks to assess an individual’s creditworthiness, within the framework of regulation.
  • NYSC and WASSCE/NECO Certificate Verification to verify the authenticity of educational certificates.

What Does This Mean for Your Business?

Seamfix delivers faster and more accurate background checks to enable you confirm the identity of anyone across key African markets without breaking regulatory rules or increasing your overhead. 

This means you can:  

  • Make better hiring decisions with more information on a candidate’s identity, employment history or educational qualifications. 
  • Reduce risks, mitigate fraud and ensure the accuracy of all information provided to your business.
  • Take faster decisions with quick background checks and verifications.
  • Comply with regulations by meeting local KYC (Know Your Customer) requirements and other relevant regulations.

We’re here to help your business scale in Africa! Book a call today for a free consultation to discuss your specific needs, our team of experts is waiting to assist you

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