5 Important Essentials for Every Tech Newbie’s Success in the Tech Industry

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The world is evolving and becoming more digital. It took about 40 years to get to this point, but we’re here! Many of the daily activities that we do revolve around technology – from internet browsing, to buying electricity units, to monetary transactions and even ordering food for consumption. Technology has made our lives easier.


With regards to job roles and career paths, tech jobs have also come to stay. In the past, job seekers were more enthusiastic about getting into the oil and gas industry, being a banker, an engineer and so much more. While all of these career paths are still desirable, tech jobs have become more mainstream and popular.


We now hear a lot about Product Design, Front End Development, Full Stack Development, DevOps Engineering, Android Development, UX Writing and so much more. These are popular tech roles that many people aspire to have a career in, and it’s commendable. 


If you are amongst those who wish to learn a tech skill or land a tech job, you’ll need some staples to get started. It may take a while and require some financial investment, but in the end, it’ll improve your experience in your desired career. Here are 5 essential tools for every techie out there:

  • A Personal Computer or Laptop

A laptop is a portable computer that is suitable for use. It is not only essential for your growth as a tech professional. It is essential for every individual who interacts with the internet or has a job that requires digital skills. A good laptop is important for every techie because of the amount of screentime required for tech jobs. 


For instance, as a Front End Developer, your work will be centred around building the front-end portion of websites and web applications that users actually see and interact with. You must also be an expert at handling software tools, have good computer skills and an eye for detail. It also requires you to deliver quality work with a measurable output (how well you satisfy the users). Become a Front End Developer today.


A good laptop will improve your work time, speed and productivity. This ultimately makes you a good sport at work, with your colleagues and can even land you bigger jobs (on the side). Before getting a laptop, consider these:


  • Storage Capacity – A laptop with a good processor and enough storage space is ideal.
  • Price – If you can’t afford a brand new laptop, consider buying a used one from a trusted gadget vendor. Check these stores out here and here).
  • Size – A portable laptop is easy to carry around.

  • Good Internet Connection

Many basic activities today require an internet connection. “Hey Google”, “Hey Siri” and the likes require an internet connection for a successful output or result. Learning a tech skill does not end at acquiring the skill. An internet connection is needed for Slack messages, Google Chat messages and other platforms used to communicate within (tech) companies. 


To reduce the risks of being unreachable, being unable to perform simple tasks or even a quick google search, you should invest into a good internet service provider. This largely depends on where you live and what is obtainable. Here are some things to consider before investing in internet service:


  • Strength of service provider: How good is the provider in your home or office
  • Monthly budget: How much are you willing to spend
  • Units of Data: Opt for monthly unlimited plans

  • Software Tools

A software tool is an application, website or program that is used to develop, repair, or enhance other programs or hardware. They are online tools that make your work easier. Grammarly, Figma, Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, etc are examples of software tools that techies use for a better work output. 


Some of these tools may require payments for their use. As a techie, getting better at your job means more practice and off-the-clock work. For freelancers, paying out of pocket is necessary to put out quality work. If you are at the early stage of your tech career, consider playing around with software tools that are essential to your work. In time, you will be able to invest in personal accounts for specific software tools. 


You don’t have to do it all by yourself, software tools were created to make your work experience easier. Consider them in your tech journey as you grow.

  • A Computer Monitor

A computer monitor is an output device that displays information in pictorial or textual form. In other words, it is a bigger screen that displays the work you do on your laptop, for a holistic viewing and working experience. 


Most techies don’t start off with a computer monitor, so don’t feel pressured to invest in one. However, keep in mind that it is a tool you would love to have in your work space, especially if you work from home. It helps you multitask better and maintain a good ergonomic posture. 

  • A Work station

Speaking of good ergonomic postures, one of the best ways to maintain good posture while at work is to have a functional work station. A work station is an area, either at home or at the workplace, where your work items are kept. It could be a room or a designated area with your bedroom, which largely comprises a work table, chair, your laptop, monitor, mouse, journals, shelves and so much more. 


It doesn’t cost a fortune to have or build a good work station. Most of what you need can already be found at your house or workplace. Here are other factors to consider when building a work station:


  • Illumination: The lighting of the area should be suitable for your eyes to avoid strain
  • Furniture: The table and chair of your choice should contribute to good posture
  • Space: Some leeway to stretch after long hours of sitting is important
  • Privacy: Avoid noise and distractions that reduce your quality of work


Hope you found these tips to be helpful as you begin or continue your journey as a techie. If you are looking to learn a tech skill with little to no experience, you can register for the NextGen Academy


You’ll be gaining marketable technical and soft skills that set you apart from your peers in the job market. Increase your employability and learn the skills to land your dream job. The next cohort begins in January 2023. 

We’ll take care of the hot and heavy lifting, so you can own your dream career. Register here. 5 Important Essentials for Every Techie

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