How Seamfix Prioritizes Data Security and Privacy with ISO Certifications

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On a busy Monday afternoon, you’re scrolling through the news and see a headline about a major data breach. Millions of customer records exposed – a sinking feeling hits your stomach. Suddenly, you remember your business used that same company’s service a few months back. How would that make you feel?

Cybersecurity is a serious concern, and such stories are too common. Customers have to trust businesses with their data, and businesses like yours also entrust their partners with sensitive information. At Seamfix, we take that responsibility very seriously. 

That’s why we’ve achieved multiple ISO certifications; internationally recognized standards that demonstrate our unwavering commitment to protecting your data and delivering exceptional service. We go the extra mile to ensure your information is safe and secure.

But what exactly does that mean for you?  Let’s break down our key ISO certifications and how they directly benefit you: 

  • ISO 27701:2023 (Privacy Information Management) emphasises our commitment to protecting personal information throughout its lifecycle. We have implemented controls from data collection to storage, use, and eventual deletion, putting you in charge of your data privacy.
  • ISO 27001:2022 (Information Security Management System) guarantees that a watertight information security management system (ISMS) is in place.
    This is a comprehensive set of standardised policies, procedures, and controls to protect your data from unauthorised access, accidental loss, and cyberattacks.
  • ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management System) assures you of our comprehensive quality management system to ensure that you enjoy consistent, high-quality services and solutions


Data security and privacy seamfix

Partnering with Seamfix: Your Data, Our Priority

As we expand around the world, ISO certifications ensure compliance with local data protection regulations like NDPR (Nigeria) and GDPR (Europe). This allows us seamlessly serve clients worldwide, giving you the identity solutions you need to grow faster.

Our ISO certifications demonstrate this commitment and translate into tangible benefits for you. Partner with Seamfix today and access secure, reliable solutions that empower your business.

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