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Solution outsourcing

Outsourced Technology Support

Technology related problems can cause undue delays during your workday and damage productivity. Seamfix is a capable provider for outsourced technology support. When contracted, we integrate seamlessly into your organization and support your customers whether internal or external just as you want them treated -- with respect, efficiency and professionalism.  Read more>>


Biometric Hi-tech

Biometric Data Capture Services

Biometric traits have proven to be an especially useful in identity management exercises. Reasons for embarking on biometric data capture exercises vary from one exercise to another as do the exercises themselves. Read more>>


Middleware Integrations

Seamfix Middleware Integration Services

The basic business need that gave rise to and continues to make middleware solutions relevant is called integration. Seamfix Nig Ltd specializes in building middleware solutions to solve various systems integration needs for businesses, large and small .Read more>>


Software Integration

Value Added Solutions

With the rapid growth of mobile telephony in Nigeria and the rising demand for sophisticated services, Seamfix has developed a respectable pedigree in the development of value added solutions. We recognise the needs of individuals and organisations and develop our solutions in line with the expectations of users. Read more>>


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