is iTranscript the Best Way to Get my University Transcript in Nigeria?

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An academic transcript is perhaps the most important record for every graduate of a tertiary university anywhere in the world.

It serves as the official proof that a student has completed education, as it shows all the official scores in every subject as well as the overall mark.

So just how important is your transcript?

Most academic opportunities require your transcript to be sent in – from scholarship applications to post-graduate degrees, even career and lifestyle opportunities like a Visa application may require your transcript for processing.

How easily can you get one in Nigeria?

Depending on the school, it’s actually simple. The question is “how much frustration can you endure“?

In many tertiary universities particularly public ones, the current process is painstakingly difficult, except you have a ton of cash to burn for ‘quicker processing’

Many graduates are forced to miss application deadlines or pay hefty fines to accommodate the slow pace of getting their transcript.

So is there another way?

Absolutely! We’ve helped thousands of students and some institutions e.g. University of Nigeria Nsukka to quickly deliver a student’s transcripts anywhere they are in the world, safely.

If you’re wondering how we do so, Seamfix as a technology-focused company, developed an online platform where tertiary graduates can request for their transcript at the touch of a button and we’ll do all the hard work for them!

This sounds too easy to be true isn’t it?

Why not see it for yourself. iTranscript has processed over 25,000 transcripts for students across the country in 80 plus schools. Here’s what one of our dear customers had to say about iTranscript


Comparing iTranscript to the Manual Process

Tired of the frustration involved in getting your transcript?

We did a side-by-side comparison of the steps you need to take to request and get your transcript from either iTranscript or the current process in most Nigerian tertiary universities.

If you love ease and comfort, there’s only one winner here. Use the button below to view the results in an infographic and make your choice.

Download Infographic


iTranscript is currently available in 80 schools around Nigeria. Visit our platform to get started!

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