NIN Enrolment
In The UK

Seamfix is a licensed service provider and partner with National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) for the NIN enrolment of Nigerians in Diaspora.

Book an appointment for enrolment in any of our NIN enrolment centres in the UK.


NIN Enrolment Centres in the UK

Reading Centre

Arena Business Centre, 100 Berkshire Place, Wharfedale Road, Winnersh, RG41 5RD


Chatham Centre

66 – High Street Chatham ME4 4DS

Wakefield Centre

12 Cross Street Wakefield WF1 3BW

Birmingham Centre

647, Regus, 1 Victoria Square, Birmingham B1 1BD

Email: nin.enrolmentcenter@gmail.com
TEL: 07479071954

Manchester Centre

Sapnet Solutions, 329 Moston Lane, Manchester. M40 9NR (Opposite Nail Shop). United Kingdom. TEL: 07903216963

Southampton Centre

317 Shirley Road, Southampton SO15 3HW

London Centre (Woolwich 1)

125 Powis Street SE18 6JL
TEL: +447438433979

London Centre (Woolwich 2)

Cross Channel Enterprises Ltd, Equitable House, 7 General Gordon Square, Woolwich. London. SE18 6FH
Telephone: 02032474552

London Centre (Battersea)

Seamfix Limited office, Post and Packing Battersea, 268 Battersea Park Road, London SW11 3BP
Telephone: +44 2308 773458

Nottingham Centre

Unit H: Broxtowe Park Business Centre Calverton Drive, Strelley, Nottingham NG8 6QP
+44 7428 057771

Liverpool Centre

436 prescot Road
L13 3DA


Requirements for NIN Enrolment in the UK

Here are the requirements needed to enrol or modify your NIN.

For NIN Enrolment in the UK

  • Nigerian International Passport (valid or expired). If you do not have one, please obtain a Letter of Attestation from the Nigerian High Commission.
  • For minors under 16 years of age – Please bring the child to be enrolled with his/her birth certificate and the NIN of either parent.
  • ‘If’ you are already registered for and assigned a Bank Verification Number (BVN) with your Nigerian Bank, please come along with your BVN on your appointment day as it may be required during the enrolment process.
  • If you have never had a Nigerian Passport, please bring a copy of your birth certificate and a a copy of either parents passport OR a letter of attestation from the Nigerian Embassy (16 years and above)
  • Proof of address (Some examples are valid UK driving licence, recent utility bill, council tax bill, bank statement or tenancy agreement)
NIN enrolment in the diaspora (UK)
NIN enrolment in diaspora (UK)

For Modification

  • Name Change (Surname, first name and middle name) – International passport, newspaper publication and court affidavit.
  • Phone Number Change – International passport and phone bill/phone contract document.

Your NIN is your New Identity Token

Travel Ban:

Don’t miss out on attending special events, like weddings or birthday celebrations of your loved ones back home, because you couldn’t renew or acquire an international passport.

Bank Account Suspension:

Don’t have your Nigerian bank account suspended because your NIN isn’t tied to your bank account.

Voter’s Card Denial:

Don’t get disenfranchised during the next Nigerian election because you couldn’t register or renew your voter’s card.

Driver’s License Denial:

Don’t lose out on getting a driver’s licence when you get back home because you do not have your NIN.

SIM Card Disconnection:

Don’t lose connection to your Nigerian SIM card because your NIN isn’t tied to your phone number.

Loan Refusal:

Don’t get shut out of applying for government loans as a Nigerian citizen because you do not have your NIN.

Enrol For Your NIN In the UK and Your Neighbourhood, Hassle-Free.

  • No need to hurry to an enrolment centre. Book a date that suits your schedule.
  • You don’t have to be late for school, meetings, appointments or jobs to get enrolled for NIN.
  • You wouldn’t have to wait in line for your NIN slip after enrolment. We’ll send it to your email automatically.
  • Read more about NIN enrolment in diaspora HERE.
  • Choose ease and comfort HERE! Book an appointment today

What Will Happen To My Data Once Captured?

Our licenced enrolment agents are trained to provide these services – enrolment & issuance of the NIN; Card activation & issuance; NIN verification & authentication services, and Modification or date update.

Agents have restricted access to the information captured. All information captured on NIMC’s enrolment software and are sent in an encrypted form to the National Identity Database.

Once the send key is pressed and a successful reception response is received, the software automatically self-destructs the data

Agents have restricted access to the information captured. All information captured on NIMC’s enrolment software and are sent in an encrypted form to the National Identity Database.


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