BioSmart empowers organizations and governments to seamlessly onboard regulatory-compliant identities.

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What we offer our clients

Compliance with modern identity regulations

We take modern identity management practices seriously by providing you with a platform that not only collects all kinds of identities, but ensures that they meet global standards for identity management, including text, fingerprint, and images.

Manage thousands of agents at once in multiple locations

With BioSmart, you’ve got a robust solution that allows you onboard individuals in multiple locations through an endless number of agents that can perform registration activities simultaneously.

Faster Onboarding

Automate your entire business process with BioSmart and increase the pace at which your team of agents carry out biometric capture.

Register customers offline

Poor internet connection can be frustrating and will certainly slow you down. Unlock the power of being unlimited with BioSmart’s offline capability and increase turnaround time like never before.

Confirm From National Databases

Take your verification process a step further by matching customer information with what exists on major national databases.

Features That Simplify Every ID Project

BioSmart’s features have been built with a thorough understanding of the identity management and compliance space. Each feature brings your biometric capture project closer to completion.

Multiple Biometric Validation

Text? Images? Fingerprints? BioSmart enables you to capture all kinds of customer biometric information.

Accurate Liveness Detection

Avoid capturing “picture of pictures” by an agent using the liveness detection feature, which ensures that every image was taken in real time.

Constant Location & Device Tracking

Track the locations where customers were onboarded using the location tracking feature. We take it a step further with the device tracker, which helps you to monitor your capture devices in any location.

Smart OCR
(Optical Character Recognition)

Speed up your customer onboarding process with the BioSmart OCR feature. This feature extracts your customer details from physical documents and fills the registration fields automatically.

Picture-Perfect Background Clean-Up

Make the background of all images uniform by using our background clean-up feature to give it a plain white context without compromising the original image.

Reliable Fingerprint Deduplication

BioSmart flags the duplicates of all fingerprints by scanning existing fingerprint image database , giving you a unique list of subscribers/registrants.

Empowering Projects In Different Industries


Adopt a robust SIM registration platform to help your Telco get better and faster at customer onboarding and ensure conformance with local and global KYC standards.


National Enrolment Schemes

BioSmart enables forward-looking government parastatals with a focus on identity management to carry out large scale biometric registrations of citizens across the country using a single platform.

Do More With Supporting Platforms

BioSmart’s features have been built with a thorough understanding of the identity management and compliance space. Each feature brings your biometric capture project closer to completion.


Our administrative portal for managing all operational activities that occur around your identity management project. It makes life easier for your admins and agents in different locations.



Manage all your registration devices better with our application for tracking the location of any device listed on BioSmart. As an admin, you’re always in the loop, especially about your expensive devices.


SIM Registrations


Captured Records Per Day

We appreciate your work because the entire work done by your team, as well as the selfless support rendered are exceptional. Due to your company’s efforts, enthusiasm and commitment, our organization was able to achieve remarkable results within a relatively short time. This is particularly commendable as your company had a very short window to implement MTN Nigeria request”BioSmart(MTN)

Soyinka Shodunke

Former CIO, MTN Nigeria

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