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About BioSmart

KYC solutions Provider | Seamfix

BioSmart KYC is a biometric and SIM registration platform for businesses. Telecommunication companies in the world today are always on the lookout for solutions that help them meet the ever-increasing need for KYC and its compliance without having to break the bank. BioSmart KYC is trusted and used by large international telecommunication firms in Nigeria to handle their KYC operations.

BioSmart Benefits

Choose your own requirements

BioSmart is a dynamic system that allows additional requirements based on specific business KYC needs

Automate KYC, save cost

As an automated KYC solution, BioSmart easily saves cost on logistics, operations, maintenance and human resource

Reach new markets

Grow market share via customer information captured during SIM registrations. BioSmart provides an opportunity to discover new markets for products/services tailored towards certain demographics

Make data-driven decisions

Data-driven decisions boost business growth by more than 30%. Make decisions that can improve the business process and output with insights from BioSmart data analytics and reports

BioSmart Key Features

Online / Offline

Admins can use BioSmart whether they are connected to a network or not, choosing between online and offline login modes

Flexible Application Settings

The features of BioSmart can be configured easily to meet changing business demands without having to build a new application

Location Services

As part of security measures, this feature enables admins to track registration location from anywhere and anytime.

SIM Registration

Register and re-register customers into a network. Transfer customer data from one sim to another using the SIM swap feature

Online Top Up

SIM registration agents can easily provide customers with airtime and data on the spot during registration

KYC solutions Provider | Seamfix

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