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Our partners are impact makers! Join our growing community of people looking to help millions of people and businesses achieve more everyday.

What’s in it for you?

Competitive remuneration: anywhere from 3-15% off client payments*
Access to Partner training and marketing resources with optional customizable templates
Tap from our wealth of technical and marketing experience.
Unmatched support
Freedom to choose your own markets
Satisfaction of knowing that you’re positively impacting lives
*Terms and Conditions apply

Choose the partnership that’s right for you

No matter what your goals or capabilities are, there’s a partnership plan for everyone.

You’re certain they need us? Send them our way and earn a commision; while keeping your day job.


If you’re looking to help businesses achieve more daily with a little bit of help from us, then you’re perfect for our reseller program.

Prime Partner

If you have a track record in either software deployment or software/platform consultancy, especially outside Nigeria,then you’re the prime partner we need. You’ll also need to have a sales and support team as incredible as ours..

The Strategic Partner

Our Strategic Partners offer services complimentary to ours, and often find opportunities where our platforms and theirs can work together to deliver maximum value for their clients with each party focusing on the core of their expertise.

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