How Invest Bamboo Eliminates Dual Identities and Onboards Genuine Customers using Seamfix Verify

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“From a regulatory standpoint, Invest Bamboo is required by regulatory law to verify the identities of their customers using the National Identification Number (NIN). With customer’s finances at risk, Bamboo realised it needed a swift verification tool to handle its onboarding process.”


Invest Bamboo is a Brokerage Firm in Africa that gives people smart, affordable and accessible options for investing in the United States of America. 

We pitched our solution to a Bamboo associate after learning that they needed to get rid of their customers’ dual identities at the point of registration, and they also needed to confirm a customer’s personal details before signup could be completed. 


Invest Bamboo’s Challenge

These dual identities on Bamboo’s platform were created by fraudulent individuals who take on the persona and identity of another person for personal gain. This fraudulent act is often at the expense of the original owner of the assumed identity. 

Dual identities are also dangerous for the company in question because they reduce the trust between its customers and the organisation. It often results in low output, dormant accounts, account closures, and even severed business relationships. 

In their customers’ best interests, Invest Bamboo allowed Seamfix Verify to solve this problem.


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How Seamfix Verify Solved Invest Bamboo’s Challenges.

Seamfix Verify enables an easy and secure onboarding process to ensure that sign-ups with KYC compliance are done seamlessly. One benefit of our services is real-time verification, enabling clients to receive identity results in milliseconds.

Bamboo integrated our API into their KYC process so that every new customer who signs up for Bamboo’s services is identified accurately and automatically.

As a fintech company, Bamboo requires customers to submit a National Identification Number (NIN) and Bank Verification Number (BVN) on signup. These two forms of identification are unique to each Nigerian.

By authenticating these details in real-time, we solved the problem of dual identities, which Bamboo was facing, helping to process over 5,000 signups monthly.

As a brokerage firm, Bamboo helps its customers find the best investment options in the US. As such, they receive numerous sign-ups from potential customers who are interested in their services. has boosted Invest Bamboo’s customer acquisition and public trust by eliminating dual identities, identity fraud and other potential forms of illegitimate actions that could be carried out on their platform.



With real-time results produced in seconds, Seamfix Verify’s goal is to enable businesses to validate the identities of their customers. In the long run, this builds trust between an organisation and its customers, fostering a transparent process of business transactions. 

For another case study, check out this post. We aim to serve you and keep our customers – and their customers – happy and satisfied.

Try Seamfix Verify today for free to identify your customers and increase your revenue swiftly.



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