How to Keep your NIN safe from Fraud and Identity Theft

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The National Identity Number(NIN), is Nigeria’s foremost identity record – helping the government and other institutions confirm the identity of a Nigerian citizen. 

This number ties into all the records of an individual, serving as a central link to all transactions within the country, including getting your driver’s license, an ID card, access to welfare, payment of taxes, obtaining a PVC, and much more.

Given NIN’s importance to its owner as well as the national implications, it is not uncommon to find cases of fraud, impersonation, and theft as criminals attempt to take advantage of the system to perpetrate various illicit transactions and crimes using another person’s identity.

So how can you make sure you keep your NIN safe from misappropriate use?

Seamfix is a proud partner and supporter of NIMC’s enrollment drive, with our android enrollment solution powering over 1m valid identities in the last year alone.

Here are our top 3 safety practices with your National Identity Number:

  1. Only collect your NIN at an official and licensed NIMC enrollment center.Do not pay a proxy to retrieve your NIN slip at any point in time. NIMC has provided a number of official centers and you’re likely to have at least one near you if you live in Nigeria.But if you’re in the diaspora, you can also get your NIN slip from one of the licensed partners in select countries so you’re not disenfranchised.
    Keep safe with your NIN

    Using a proxy to collect your NIN is very risky and unadvisable.


  2. Look out for fake accounts on social media or messaging apps like email or WhatsApp, pretending to be from NIMC or a licensed partner.These are created by unscrupulous people, unusually with an intention to steal your identity/data and either use it to impersonate you or blackmail you in the future.To protect your NIN, get your information from the official NIMC website or the websites of licensed partners like Seamfix. To cross-check the genuineness of a partner, verify their name and website with this link.
  3. Exposing your NIN publicly puts you at the highest risk of identity theft and fraud.This includes posting your NIN on social media, submitting it to unknown or unverified applications, or filling it in a form or document from a non-governmental agency.

    Another example is having your NIN on a business card, personal website, or wallet.Where not necessary to have a physical copy of your NIN slip available with you, keep it somewhere safe at home and preferably use another national identity document like your ID card or Driver’s license.


Having these tips at the back of your mind whenever you interact online or offline will help you safeguard your identity from fraudulent personnel. 

If you’re yet to collect your NIN slip, you can read our blog here for a step by step instructions on how to do so whether you’re in or outside Nigeria.

With digital Identity management, prevention is definitely better than cure as some of the effects of malicious activity can be far more damaging.

Be sure to protect yourself and your identity continually so you can enjoy access to all the services available to you as a Nigerian citizen without any false charges or loss.

Seamfix is committed to data integrity and protection. See how we power identity verification and prevent fraud with – the leading digital verification platform on the continent. 

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