How to Get your NIN In Nigeria and Abroad (Diaspora)

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One of the most important documents you can have as a Nigerian citizen is your National Identity Number (NIN).

Your NIN is a unique number that is used to identify you for life and is issued to you by Nigeria’s Identity Management Commission (NIMC).

To put it this way, this number is a digital version of yourself and no two citizens can ever have the same NIN. It is so important that every single record you have as a Nigerian from your bank details to your voter’s card or your SIM card can be tied and traced to this number. 

If you currently have one and you’re wondering what you can use it for, the official NIMC website cites this record to be used for all transactions in Nigeria requiring identity verification. 

If you don’t currently have one, this guide will help you with a step-by-step process to get your NIN in Nigeria or abroad – from enrolment to collection,

How to get your NIN in Nigeria

If you’re above 16 years of age and a Nigerian citizen, you need to be enrolled in the national database to begin the process of getting your NIN.

Enrollment is simply the registration of your supporting documents and biometrics, so all your identity data can be recorded digitally on NIMC’s system.

As at today, this enrollment process is proudly powered by Seamfix’s Android Enrollment Software, enabling over 1.6m Nigerians with valid identities while eliminating the need for paper forms, physical storage spaces and multiple touchpoints.


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Here’s how to begin your NIN application in Nigeria:

  1. Get started online using NIMC’s Pre-enrollment portal
    • Fill the NIMC Pre Enrolment online form by visiting the Pre Enrolment Portal here.
    • Correctly fill the mandatory fields with the necessary information. Be sure to double check every input before you submit the form as this may cause some issues further down the line.
    • After you complete the form, download and print your Pre Enrolment Slip.
  2. Complete your Application at a Walk-in Enrollment center
    • For the physical part of your enrolment, you’ll need your BVN (Bank validity number, if you have one) and any valid and original supporting documents such as your driver’s license or passport. 
    • At the center, an enrolment officer will verify your details from the pre-enrollment form along with your supporting documents. Here, errors on your form can be corrected before it’s imputed into the system.
    • Once satisfied with the details, you will be led by the officer to capture your biometric details (finger prints and face).
    • After completion, you will be issued a transaction slip that shows proof of your enrolment process but doesn’t confer the same right as the NIN.
    • For a list of NIN enrollment centers, see the official website here.
  3. Collect your NIN from the Enrollment Centre
    • After about 3-5 working days from your second enrollment, your NIN will be available for pickup at the same enrollment center that you had your biometric capture. 
    • You’ll be required to present your transaction slip which you’ll exchange for your NIN slip.
    • Congratulations! You just got your national identifier which will be yours for the rest of your life without change or duplication.


How to get your NIN outside the Country (Diaspora)


Get your NIN abroad

Should your location affect your chances of getting a NIN? Absolutely not. 

NIMC has made it possible for every Nigerian citizen to have a NIN home or abroad through their online portal and partnership with agents in different parts of the world.

These partners are licensed companies with the legal capacity from NIMC to obtain and transmit biometric data in the operating countries.

For example, if you live in the UK, you can enrol for your NIN at any Seamfix walk-in center in the following locations:

To begin your NIN application in the diaspora:

  1. Check for a NIMC approved enrollment center in your country. See a list in multiple countries here. You can also download the Diaspora fact sheet from NIMC here
  2. Contact the center and book an appointment or walk-in for your enrollment.
  3. Complete your enrollment with the licensed agent and receive your NIN

After collecting your NIN, be sure to check out these safety practices to secure your identity data from theft and fraudulent use.

For more information on NIN in Nigeria, please visit the official NIMC website. 

Seamfix is a proud supporter of identity management in Nigeria and globally. See more of our work pioneering limitless NIN enrollment here.

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