SDK Fingerprint Support

SDK fingerprint support is a feature that allows developers to incorporate fingerprint recognition functionality into their mobile applications using a software development kit (SDK). This can be useful in a variety of scenarios, such as access control, financial transactions, and online authentication.

How it works:

SDK fingerprint support typically includes a set of software libraries and APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) that developers can use to access the fingerprint recognition functionality of a mobile device. The SDK provides a simple and consistent interface for developers to capture fingerprints, enroll fingerprints, and perform authentication or identification. The SDK also provides a way to check the availability of the fingerprint scanner on the device and the status of the fingerprint sensor (i.e. whether it is ready to be used or not).

How to use it:

To use the SDK fingerprint support feature, you will need to have a mobile device with a fingerprint scanner and a development environment where you can build your mobile application. Developers will need to download the SDK and integrate it into their application. The SDK documentation will provide instructions on how to use the various libraries and APIs to perform fingerprint capture, enrollment, and authentication.

Benefits of SDK Fingerprint Support

Improved security

By using fingerprint recognition, you can ensure that the person is who they claim to be, which can help to prevent fraud and other types of identity-related crimes.


SDK fingerprint support eliminates the need for manual input of passwords or other credentials, which can save time and reduce errors.

Platform independence

SDK fingerprint support can be integrated into mobile application for various platforms such as Android and iOS

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