How helps Logistics Company, E-shop Africa to Verify Genuine Customers

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I love shopping online. It’s easy, fast and convenient. However, these factors make e-commerce an enticing target for fraudsters seeking to exploit logistics and e-commerce vulnerabilities. The consequences are far-reaching, causing substantial financial losses to businesses and undermining customer trust.

To combat this threat, Seamfix Verify (formerly offers a comprehensive suite of services that empowers logistics companies to verify and deliver shipments to genuine customers.

This case study shows how E-shop Africa, a leading logistics platform in Nigeria, utilises our verification services to identify individuals and deliver the correct shipments to authentic customers.


The Problem: Insecure Transactions

E-shop Africa, a trusted provider of secure shipment services, facilitates importing goods from countries like China, the USA, and Canada to individuals and businesses across Africa. By bridging geographical gaps, E-shop Africa empowers people to access products that may otherwise be unavailable in their local markets.

Before they collaborated with Seamfix Verify, E-shop Africa didn’t know exactly who their customers were beyond names and email addresses and encountered regulatory obstacles when fraudulent cases arose. The lack of access to customer information also made it difficult to track down defaulting parties. These issues threatened the integrity of their operations and hindered their ability to ensure secure and efficient shipments.

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The Solution: Verify Customers for Secure Logistics

E-shop Africa adopted a strategic solution by integrating our document verification service into their shipping process to address the persistent issues of identity fraud and compliance. As part of this integration, E-shop Africa required customers and businesses to provide their BVN (Bank Verification Number) when utilizing their services.

This approach enabled E-shop Africa to seamlessly identify each customer using their national identity, granting them access to crucial information and effectively curbing fraudulent attempts. E-shop Africa has achieved remarkable results by leveraging Seamfix Verify’s robust verification system. Thousands of customers have been successfully verified, and a substantial volume of transactions has been processed with commendable compliance.

Through our document verification service, E-shop Africa has significantly enhanced their ability to identify genuine customers and minimize the risk of fraudulent activities, leading to improved compliance and streamlined operations.

Seamfix Verify helps businesses and individuals eliminate fraud, onboard online customers faster, and meet KYC compliance in minutes. Learn more about our services here, or get started for free by creating an account on our portal!


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