Identity Enrolment for the Telecom Industry

How Identity Enrolment is Revolutionizing the Telecom Industry.

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Identity Enrolment for the Telecom Industry

One of the most significant changes happening in the industry is the introduction of Digital Identity Enrolment for the Telecom Industry. This technology is making a big impact in Africa and Asia, transforming the way customers access and use telecom services.

Identity enrolment involves registering customer identity information, such as biometric data, personal details, and contact information. This information is then used to authenticate the customer’s identity whenever they access telecom services. 

Benefits of Identity Enrolment

  • Improved Customer Identification and Enhanced Security

One of the main benefits of identity enrolment is improved customer identification. In the past, customers could access telecom services without any form of identification. This made it difficult for telecom companies to track down customers who engaged in fraudulent activities, such as using fake identities to access services.

With identity enrolment, customers must provide their biometric data, personal details, and contact information before they can access telecom services. This makes it easier for telecom companies to identify customers and track down those who engage in fraudulent activities.

It also helps to reduce the risk of unauthorized access and cyberattacks, which are becoming increasingly common in the telecom industry.

  • Improved Service Delivery

Identity enrolment technology improves the delivery of telecom services. By identifying customers and tracking their usage patterns, telecom companies can personalize their services to meet the specific needs of each customer. This improves customer satisfaction and enhances the overall customer experience.

  • Increased Revenue

Identity enrolment technology can help telecom companies to increase their revenue. By tracking customer usage patterns, telecom companies can identify potential upsell opportunities and offer targeted promotions and discounts to customers. This can increase customer loyalty and retention, leading to increased revenue for the company.


Challenges Facing Identity Enrolment Implementation

  • Lack of Infrastructure

The implementation of identity enrolment technology requires significant infrastructure, such as biometric scanners, databases, and servers. In many parts of Africa and Asia, the necessary infrastructure is lacking, making it difficult to implement this technology.

  • High Costs

The implementation of identity enrolment technology can be costly. The cost of biometric scanners, databases, and servers can be prohibitive for many telecom companies, particularly those in developing countries.

  • Resistance from Customers

Some customers may be resistant to the idea of providing their biometric data and personal details to telecom companies. This may be due to concerns about privacy and security, or simply a lack of understanding about the benefits of identity enrolment.

  • Lack of Government Support

The implementation of identity enrolment technology may require government support to be successful. Governments in some countries may be reluctant to provide this support, making it difficult for telecom companies to implement this technology.

What Can We Learn From Other Developed Regions?

  • Telcos should take advantage of the transformative power of mobile and the increasing rate of adoption to accelerate the adoption of digital identity.
  • Mobile technologies offer a powerful platform in support of building and managing digital identity databases.
  • There is a role to be played by mobile operators and technology solution providers in supporting the development by powering practical mobile solutions and connectivity.
  • Citizens can use mobile devices to access an array of empowering services.
  • Mobile digital identity platform will offer the government a seamless way to provide digital identity management services to citizens and to securely manage identity credentials.

Seamfix as an Enabler – Powering Identity Enrolment for Telcos

Seamfix as an Enabler - Powering Identity Enrolment for Telcos

Seamfix is a leading provider of disruptive identity technologies that have been used successfully in customer and country-wide contexts to realize digital ID objectives.

  • We partner with multinational telcos, national ID authorities and other key players to build the digital identity system that telcos needs
  • We provide identity verification platforms that enable secure, digital identities for all through a wide range of real-time authentications —  from demographic to biometric data.
  • We build a platform that supports both online and offline functions — taking into account that many rural areas do not have internet access.
  • We also supply mobile identity hardware solutions equipped with tamper-proofing and credential capturing capabilities.
  • We build with the user onboarding experience in mind, ensuring that speedy and safe onboarding never compromises optimum user experience.
  • We develop APIs to integrate into workflows for Identity capture and verification  where necessary.
  • We adopt agile mobile software development for a predictive and pre-emptive approach in these changing times.

How Seamfix is Enabling Seamless Onboarding and SIM Registration With Compliance For MTN Nigeria

The Need

The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) had imposed a fine of $5.2 billion USD against MTN for failing to register SIM cards with identity details. MTN needed a new identity enrolment process that would meet all the national regulatory requirements for KYC onboarding as set by the regulatory authority.

MTN needed to ensure strict compliance and quality control during enrolment of new and old SIM subscribers in Nigeria.

Within a short period of 10 days, Seamfix went live with a robust SIM Registration Biometric Suite that ensures compliant biometric enrolment on a mobile device, with real-time capture and validation of textual and biometric data.

Success Story

  • MTN was able to avert further sanctions from NCC.
  • With Seamfix, identity enrolment and KYC compliance are speedier and less costly, allowing every citizen to be issued a phone number as a digital identity. This allows telecommunication companies and law enforcement agencies to identify mobile phone SIM card owners and curb criminals’ fraudulent activities.


Identity enrolment is revolutionizing the telecom industry. It’s improving customer identification, enhancing security, improving service delivery, and increasing revenue for telecom companies. Although there are challenges to overcome, the adoption of identity enrolment technology in the telecom industry is likely to continue to grow in the coming years, leading to a more secure and efficient telecom industry.

If you’re interested in learning more, we would be happy to further discuss with you the benefits of our identity enrolment solution for your Telco.

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