Genuine Verification for your Ideal Customer

Convert real users instantly as Seamfix Verify helps you confirm the true identity of people safely.

Seamfix Verify expanded to three other African countries; Ghana, South Africa, and Kenya in addition to Nigeria

Simplify the Trust Process with Powerful Identity Verification for the African Customer.

Explore the only platform you need to eliminate fraud, onboard online customers faster, and meet KYC compliance in minutes.

Personal ID Validity

Seamfix Verify features a reliable platform to easily ensure your national identity record is approved by the issuing regulatory bodies swiftly.

To Genuine Business Growth

Make KYC identity verification faster, simpler, and more secure to supercharge your user acquisition and boost revenue.

One Mission, Multiple Benefits

Seamfix Verify is the seamless way to recognize anyone’s true identity

Faster KYC Onboarding,
Happier Customers

Gain an advantage in your industry as you use ID verification to reduce drop-off rates on signup, prevent digital fraud and gain true insights into your customers.


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Easy Functionality for
Modern Developers.

From codeless integrations to handy software kits, Developers can begin using Seamfix Verify in minutes no matter the use case.

Why Seamfix Verify?

It’s not a brag – but we’re so ahead of the competition that other verification platforms validate their user data using our services. You should join them too.

From Liveness detection to Biometrics, we put a face and identity to every genuine record.

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No-code tools written in the most straightforward way – so you start verifying identities without fuss.

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Our dashboard covers close to all identity records available in your region from International passports to driver’s licenses and much more.

Trusted for over 300k+ Verifications by Africa’s Best Organizations

“Seamfix Verify is a business growth tool that enables African businesses to delight customers and scales their operations. Our end goal is that by doing this, we enable millions of end-users to have access to essential services and products for a better quality of life.”

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