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Monitor, Track, Secure;

Manage Multiple Mobile

Devices on One Platform!

You’ve spent money acquiring devices, now let’s help you secure them. Never lose your mobile devices in the field with our centralized platform for holistic management and security.

Why Smart MDM?

Ensure security of devices and data

MDM offers a robust platform to safeguard your devices and the data they carry even remotely, so you can manage company-wide device enrollment cost-efficiently and timely.

Improve visibility and make decisions

Get insights into core activities happening with the devices assigned to agents in different locations from a central point via real-time reports and analytics.

Onboard users in minutes

Account creation, automated device enrolment, bulk enrolment, assign and map devices, verify and identify users, manage user account creation, and track across all locations.

Manage agents & device on a single platform

View all device-related information such as activity, performance health, and so on; map devices to capture users; blacklist or whitelist devices based on users activities.

Save IT costs & manage risks

Ensure that activities on the devices are restricted to certain apps that are relevant to business operations. including user account activation, deactivation, password reset, and more.

Upgrade your workflow with IT automation

Reduce human errors, ensure work efficiency, staff productivity, and better security. Activate new device roll-outs; install and uninstall apps, enforce configurations and more.

Ensure two-way communication

Push short messages in real-time to a specific user (using username) or devices (using the device tag) or send globally (every device gets the same message).

Stay compliant always

MDM solution offers features that help you to ensure security and stay compliant with increasing data protection regulations, like GDPR, on all your mobile devices easily.


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