Meet Compliance

Onboard new customers in seconds, stay compliant with industry regulations and prevent fraud. Seamfix Verify is your AI-powered solution to drive Unprecedented Growth and Safety Globally.

Stop Fraudsters, Get Customers: One Platform For All Your Verification Needs

We say “NO” to slow and complex hurdles that waste your time and money. Our system is designed to be simple and quick so your customers can get on with their business.

Prevent Fraud

Identity and Document Verification:

Verify IDs, passports, and other documents instantly.

Proof of Address:

Confirm an individual’s residential location with confidence

Database Verification Checks:

Reduce risk and meet local regulatory requirements

Age Validation:

Prevent underage access and comply with age restrictions.

Secure your Customers

KYC Onboarding:

Automate your KYC process and collect customer info securely.

AML Screening:

Stay ahead of financial crimes and avoid hefty fines.

Protect Your Business

Fraud Protect:

Identify and block fraudulent activity in real-time.

Fraud Intelligence:

Gain deep insights into fraud patterns and emerging threats

Get the Ultimate Guide for Compliant Executives and Business Owners

We reveal 3 simple steps to keep you risk-free and avoid huge law fines.


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We’re Eager To Hear From You.

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