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Here’s How Trustworthy African Companies Can Get Seen By Global Investors With Mansa

by Okhiaofe Ivharue



To many, Africa is associated with poverty, war, corruption, and diseases. There is the widespread misconception that if it is African then it must be risky. Even worse, most global investors generally see African companies as ‘touch-and-go’ hence unworthy of investment.

These wrong perceptions have lasted for centuries and are taking their toll on the African economy. Although Africa is now a very different continent, the world has not fully acknowledged this.

Thankfully, the advancement of technology has opened new opportunities for investors and businesses across the globe to see Africa and its entities for who they really are. These new technologies have also given rise to due diligence platforms that can change the African ‘risk’ narrative and help trustworthy African companies broadcast their credibility.


Let’s introduce you to Mansa, Africa’s leading due diligence data platform.



What is Mansa?



Mansa is a data repository that serves as that authoritative source of information required for the conduct of due diligence on any African company. MANSA aggregates a portfolio of verified information on indigenous companies throughout the continent and advertises it via a simple, reliable platform accessible to global organizations whenever they need to verify the credibility of any African company registered on the platform.

The Mansa Due Diligence platform is owned by Afreximbank, built to serve as an online future-proofing tool to help African businesses get discovered and assessed by global investors. Think of Mansa as a reliable-business discovery marketplace for Africa.



Who can register on Mansa?



Mansa is for every trustworthy company in Africa, including Corporations, Organizations, Small Medium Enterprises (SME’s), Institutions, to name a few.  The information on the platform about your company will be provided by you. This platform will allow users to make inquiries on any African company they wish to find out more about.  Overall, Mansa is an online tool that one can use to effectively conduct corporate due diligence not just for investments but also for purchases of goods and services.


Why should my company be on Mansa?


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Mansa is one of the biggest sources of information on trustworthy companies in Africa which means it is the go-to source of credible information for global investors and other stakeholders when analyzing companies in Africa. Mansa is the future-proofing due diligence platform for your company to get deserving visibility. Companies on the Mansa platform will be able to lower their risk perception and drive investors’ confidence in them.

In addition, once registered on the Mansa platform, your company will have an Africa Entity Identifier to carry out inter-Africa transactions via the PAPSS platform and to access any intervention funding from Afreximbank.


What are some of the benefits of Signing up on the Mansa Platform?


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By delivering transparency to global investors for any African company, the Mansa platform will help them assess the true perception of these companies– amid the fake judgments — and boost their confidence to harness the potential of these companies.


Among millions, here are some of the benefits of getting your company on the Mansa platform;

  • Create visibility for your company to global investors and other foreign organizations looking to partner.
  • Increase demand for your company’s offerings and grow your company’s wealth.
  • Enable your company with an Africa Entity Identifier necessary for inter-Africa transactions via the PAPSS platform and to access any intervention funding from Afreximbank. 
  • Foster trustworthy relationships with foreign organizations as a verified and trusted business safe to work with. 
  • Play a significant role in reducing the cost of compliance, which could reduce the cost of trade finance in Africa.
  • Boost the African economy when global businesses are able to form trustworthy relationships with African businesses.
  • Promote confidence in the African identity across global organizations.



Who is Afreximbank?




African Export-Import Bank (AFREXIMBANK) is a pan-African trade finance institution established by the African governments and investors to expand trade between Africa and the rest of the world. Its primary role will be financing trade within Africa, particularly the purchase of supplies by its members for export production or to serve their customers who are also based in Africa.


Mansa by Afreximbank is useful for investors, stakeholders, and anyone who needs reliable information on any company in Africa for the purpose of due diligence. The need for a platform like this stemmed from a lack of a single, referenceable repository of primary CDD/ KYC data of companies in Africa, and the increasing cost of due diligence checks on African companies for global brought on by this lack.



How is Seamfix related to this?



In keeping up with our mission to ensure inclusion for all Africans through identity verification and seamless due diligence processes, Seamfix is officially partnering with Afreximbank to get all African businesses listed on the Mansa due diligence platform. 


We at Seamfix believe trustworthy African companies can and should be drivers of their own destiny. We want to help them get on the map and be recognized. For this reason, we partnered with Afreximbank to fix this ‘risk’ narrative for African companies through the Mansa platform.


How can I register my company on Mansa?



Seamfix has set up a dedicated and responsive team ready to onboard any interested company on the Mansa due diligence platform.

Here is what a typical onboarding will be like and what we’ll need from you;

  • Your CAC Incorporation Certificate (Mandatory)
  • Your company logo. (Mandatory)
  • A brief description of what your company does, 4 – 5 lines (Mandatory)
  • Contact Information – Address, email, phone number, website (if any) (Mandatory)
  • Signed copy of the Mansa Contributor Agreement. (Mandatory)
  • Particulars of directors, shareholders and shareholding structure are usually found on Form CAC 7A and 10A of corporate affairs documents (If it applies)
  • Copies of the IDs of Ultimate Beneficial Owners (UBOs) showing name, nationality, source of wealth, and passport (If it applies)
  • Category of the industry your company belongs to (Mandatory)
  • Management report/ audited statement/ company bank statement within the last 4 months (Mandatory)  
  • Tax clearance or any of the most recent tax information (If it applies).
  • Signed copy of Administrator Appointment Letter – presenting someone from your company to manage your profile on the Mansa platform (Mandatory)


All set with the above documents? You can contact our team using these details: 


Live chat:



What if I don’t have a company?




That’s okay! You can refer any African company owner you know to be enlisted on the Mansa platform … and there’s more… you will get paid for every company you get to sign up on Mansa. No T&C attached.

Seamfix is looking to reward anyone who is interested in propelling this initiative and promoting the acceptance of African companies worldwide. 

  • Are you an account officer with any African bank?
  • Are you in contact with any company committed to improving Africa’s due diligence process?
  • Do you work with any African company that will benefit from a central data repository?


We invite you to earn some money by getting these companies to enlist on the  Mansa due diligence platform.



Before you go, here’s Mansa, The Due Diligence Platform That Promotes Faith In African Companies…


  • Mansa features a unique due diligence process that brings together information from an extensive network of businesses in Africa. 
  • The Mansa Standard offers potential investors a comprehensive and transparent overview of a company’s structure and prospects.
  • With the assurance that each company has passed Mansa’s review process, investors and global stakeholders can confidently do business with African companies listed on the platform.
  • Through MANSA, trustworthy companies like yours can get their stories heard and validated.
  • Mansa is changing the game by helping African companies get certified and be discoverable in a highly competitive market
  • Mansa’s goal is to connect Africa’s authenticated and trusted companies to investment opportunities with the aspiration to promote African economic growth.



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