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Improving your Data Capture Process on BioRegistra with OCR for Biometric ID Cards

by Okhiaofe Ivharue

Considering that there are a lot of digital forms out there, a lot is expected from creators to stand out. Like, features that can help form users do more in their data capture operations. One of these is the data capture OCR feature.

As the need for data capture continues to rise, there is also the need to make the process as fast as possible. Data capture OCR is one of those features that help you hasten the process. Optical character recognition enables you to scan documents and fill them in your fields without having to manually fill the forms.

The OCR engine recognizes and extracts the information you need from a particular form and transfers it to a digital form.

This is one of BioRegistra’s many features.

How BioRegistra’s OCR Feature Works

data capture

While your agents are out there in the field collecting data for your KYC operations or something similar, it becomes a requirement to collect a valid means of identification. One of these is often a biometric ID card most likely issued by a government agency.

Most times, we discover that a lot of business digital forms do not enable you to digitize this information like the rest of the data being collected. BioRegistra’s data capture OCR feature makes this work by scanning such cards during capture and picking the information required, before placing them in the relevant fields.

Why You Need BioRegistra’s Data Capture OCR Feature?

Have you realized how redundant it is to manually process the details of a form? From human errors during transfer to the painful amount of time, it takes to do so. Using our data capture OCR feature ensures that you do not have to deal with all these anomalies.

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