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How Technology can Maximize Your Customer Service Delivery.

by Seamfix


In today’s digital world,  technology has skyrocketed customer service expectations.

How much a customer is delighted with your services at every stage of their journey can make or break your business. From onboarding to product use, to issue resolution. Even your marketing channels are not spared from the ever judgemental eyes and hands of prospective customers.

Technology then presents a fantastic opportunity to achieve excellent customer service delivery, ensuring your customers become your best fans. But it also exposes your customers to more competitive services anywhere in the world— better solutions, or better experiences.

You can be losing money like $75 billion per year is lost due to poor customer service, or you can be the first choice for loyal fans who are willing to spend up to 67% more than new customers on their preferred products and services.

When your company can predict a customer’s demand and iterate your processes to meet them, you should enjoy a clear competitive advantage. And who doesn’t want to be on the cutting-edge of technology, right?

It all comes down to who renders the best quality customer service at every touchpoint.

This guide will show you how to use all available tech resources to render seamless service for your customers. Customer acquisition and retention just got a whole lot cheaper.

Use Technology to Track Customer Service Metrics with Tools

Customer service metrics are key performance factors that give you a clear idea of the contribution your services department is making to the overall progress of your company. These metrics include:

  1. Customer Request Volume.
  2. Average Number of Replies per Request.
  3. Resolution Rate.
  4. First Response Time.
  5. Average Reply Time.
  6. Average Time to Resolution.
  7. Customer Satisfaction

Technology tools can help you track them quantitatively in a single dashboard where you can better understand how to make customer service metrics work for your business. One of the tools we use at Seamfix is Tawk

With customizable widgets and in-built ticketing, we can monitor the chat volume per time and day. We can also have a detailed reporting on the timeline for each agent based on the following parameters:

  • The volume of missed chats
  • Offline messages received
  • Average chat durations
  • User satisfaction,
  • First Response Time
  • And the average time resolution. 

Another tool like Qualtrics can help you measure your customer satisfaction through highly curated surveys. Find the tool that works best for what you want to measure and you’ll be on your way to improving the service delivery of your company.


Customer service

Tracking metrics with tech empowers your customer service team

Use Data to Enhance Experiences and Glean Intelligence

“With great personalisation comes great conversion”

Customer experience includes the entire customer journey. When the intent is understood at each step in the journey, companies can ensure they’re delivering the best experience possible to match that intent, helping them turn purchases into customer advocacy.

Guillaume Cabane, former VP of Growth at Drift, suggests using data to enrich personalization strategy and confirm a visitor’s information to create a frictionless experience.

With the right data, you can react appropriately whenever a lead takes a specific action. For example, With CRM data, you gain insights on a prospective customer’s behaviour, such as the number of:

  • Events they’ve registered for
  • Support tickets they opened
  • Product demos they requested
  • Email campaigns they engaged with
  • Web pages they visited (via Leadexplorer)
  • Sales meetings they booked

With these insights, your sales team can significantly improve their sales rates by personalizing follow-up emails. We’re huge fans of HubSpot CRM at Seamfix, where we use the software to track large customer data in real time.

Another great service is Seamfix’s BioRegistra which can help you create one of the world’s most flexible digital forms to collect just about any customer information required to make a decision anytime.

With BioRegistra, the world’s biggest organizations leverage technology to make important decisions backed by real data from real customers — boosting customer service delivery in the short and long term.

Learn More about BioRegistra here.


Use Artificial Intelligence to help instil customer loyalty

Getting customer data is imperative, understanding and using that data to make critical decisions on behalf of your customers is more important.

Artificial Intelligence is becoming an increasingly important tool in obtaining the data used to make these decisions. 

AI tools, for example, can analyse each touchpoint in a customer journey to better understand these customers and the reason they take any particular action across your marketing funnel.

This gives your product team the opportunity to provide better content, better offers and better experiences to your customers in a seamless way.

Read up here to understand better how AI works in marketing to facilitate efficient customer service delivery.


Customer service

Data from AI tools help you deliver faster and better customer service

Provide Quick Customer service delivery from anywhere in the world 

Technology helps you support your customer service and delivery team regardless of their location.

Whether your support team is distributed remotely in one location or across the globe, you can eliminate barriers to communication through workspace tools like Slack, Zoom and Project Management tools like Confluence. 

Seamfix has employed a strictly remote workforce since the Covid-19 pandemic and our customer service team has delivered impeccable service to our customers using technology to address customer needs in real-time.

Services like ‘SmartMDM’, a mobile device manager, can help any organization to track the location of their delivery agents and assets with a mobile device. This helps you better understand how you can provide support to field staff whenever applicable.

See how Mobile Device Managers can Improve your Service Delivery.

Better Manage Customer Relationship across MultiChannels

Providing multi-channel support means more opportunities to connect with your customer, but it also presents another challenge in service delivery.

Problems like Identity Verification may come up when customers move from one platform to another. Or brand misalignment can occur at different interaction points. Customer Service-based mistakes like this can result in the loss of customers for your organization.

Technology allows your staff to seamlessly provide the same messaging and level of service across every unique customer interaction, ensuring that all customer-facing messaging and interactions are brand-aligned.

For example, using software like Verified Africa, you can onboard your customers faster across any platform, as it verifies any genuine identity in an instant, helping you build trust with your customer base.

Use Verified enables genuine identity verification in seconds


Final Thoughts.

Technology is important in achieving excellent customer service as it will help each agent focus solely on serving customers excellently.

Applying digital transformation to your service delivery will improve productivity and ensure a happier workforce. It will also lead to KPIs being achieved and overall satisfaction for your customers. 

Learn More about how Seamfix applies technology to solve problems and deliver excellent service for organizations and individuals.