How Pension Fund Administrators Can Use BioRegistra for KYC Biometric Capture
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How Pension Fund Administrators Can Use BioRegistra for KYC Biometric Capture

by Seamfix

There’s been a buzz around the Transfer Window policy by the National Pension Commission for pension fund administrators. Although there’s been a delay in the arrival of the transfer window, where pension contributors can transfer ownership of their pension funds from one pension administrator to the other, there’s a serious need for the PFAs to be prepared for when the time finally comes.

As part of the requirements, PFAs are required to carry out biometric capture of customer information. This means that every PFA needs a solution that can help facilitate this KYC operation.

Enter BioRegistra.

Digitizing The Client Familiarity Index

BioRegistra eases the process of Client Familiarity Index registration and better customer experience by allowing your customers update their details online.

See a sample Client Familiarity Index created using a BioRegistra form below.


Fields that can be created are similar to the ones that exist on the physical paper forms provided PenCom, including important client information like RSA PINs, the name of the PFA managing the client’s fund, the employee name, as well as designated individual employee codes.


Capture Contributor Details From Anywhere

There would be certainly no issues when it comes to capturing the information of your customers from anywhere in the country, whether as retired individuals or people still in service. Agents can be deployed to certain locations where the capture will be done.



What’s more? The platform lets you know the exact source of your data via a geolocation service embedded within. This means that from the head office of a Pension Fund Administrator, Admins/stakeholders can be in the full know of what’s going on in the capture field.


Instant CRM Synchronization

The details of the pension contributor captured synchronize immediately to the CRM that shows a view of what have been captured. Except in cases of internet malfunctions, this synchronization is always instant and allows agents to quickly attend to contributors during the capture process.



And Many More…

BioRegistra is robust and flexible, allowing PFAs to add as many fields and requirements to their KYC forms as much as possible. Additional details include evidence of the contributor’s legal existence, address of trustees, next of kin information, and so on.

So, you see, we’ve got you covered in preparation for when the Transfer Window arrives.

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