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From Cap and Gown to the Real World: The Newest Graduates in Town!

by Chilotam

One of the most amazing feelings is the one that comes with accomplishing what you have set out to do. It is even more exciting when you are able to overcome challenges and hurdles that may have scared you into thinking you couldn’t make it.

From multiple classes, to real life projects and assessments, to fireside chats to even Twitter Spaces, the NextGen Academy has trained and built young African techies with solid technical and soft skills that will catapult them to greatness. 

On the 31st of January, 2022, our students graduated ceremoniously. It was a momentous occasion, marking the end of a long and challenging journey for these young tech individuals. The students worked tremendously over the past few months to gain the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in their chosen tech fields. As they move on to the next phase of their lives, they do so with the confidence and sense of purpose that comes from having accomplished something truly meaningful. Watch our students’ testimonial video here.

The NextGen Academy is an innovative program that was established to train tech newbies in 3 tech skills (one of their choice), with the opportunity to pursue a career in the cutting-edge fields of Frontend Development, Backend Development and Product Design. Here’s what some of our students had to say about it:


Before I joined the NextGen Academy in July 2022, I had zero knowledge about coding, but I had always wanted to learn it. Prior to this, I had tried studying by myself, watching YouTube videos and trying to code, but I never got past the “INTRODUCTION TO HTML” every single time. It was rather frustrating.

It’s currently 6 months post the program and I can’t believe how much I have achieved. The NextGen Academy has such a structured and flexible learning syllabus and schedule  amongst everything else.  With dedicated tutors and mentors who intentionally want you to succeed. 

I didn’t just learn how to code, I learnt how to survive in the tech space, how to communicate in and out of the work zone, how to work as team, how to be productive as a software developer who works remotely, how to sell myself as a brand, how to attract recruiters, how to create an adequate resumé, how to utilise social media to my advantage and so much more.

In the last 6 months, I have built tons of projects from scratch, projects I could only dream of taking a crack at before I enrolled for the academy. The link here contains a few of my projects, also you can find the link to my Github here. I chose Frontend Development and graduated as one of the best in my track. As a reward, the NextGen Academy offered me a 6-month paid internship with Seamfix Limited. It has honestly been an amazing experience so far” – Cornelius Aguonye. 


“My design journey began in 2020 during my NYSC year as a social media content creator and manager, where I used Canva to create simple yet relatable designs. In early 2022, my friend recognised my potential and suggested that I pursue product design, leading me to take the Google UX Course and participate in the 14G & Zuri Design training where I learned various design principles and practicalities. 

To further my knowledge and experience in the tech industry, I took the opportunity to join the NextGen Academy, to learn more about product design because I felt that Seamfix, being a software company, would provide a great environment to apply my skills to real-life design tasks. The 6-month intense training exceeded my expectations, as I benefited greatly from the fireside chats with tech experts, the soft skill training sessions, mentor hour discussions, group presentations and projects. 

I developed skills such as wire-framing, empathy mapping, prototyping, style guides, design heuristics, colour usage, typography, and user research. Additionally, I improved my soft skills such as collaboration, leadership, time management, empathy, networking, problem-solving, and critical thinking. I had the opportunity to put these skills into practice as the product design lead for a group design lab project, which involved designing and developing a functional drinks ordering and delivery website. 

The project was challenging but exciting, and we were able to deliver it within the timeline and even won the presentation to the panel of judges on demo day. I was also selected as the best product designer in my cohort and was awarded a paid 6-month internship, which I am excited to take on as I strive to become an excellent product designer”  – Frances Nwosu. 


Hikmat Dikko is another one of our students that recently graduated from the NextGen Academy. She was an ambitious student with a passion for technology, but she came from a family with limited resources. Despite her talent and drive, she could not afford to register for the NextGen Academy, a prestigious school for technology and engineering.

Determined to make her dream a reality, Hikmat reached out to the NextGen Academy for support. To her surprise, the academy fully covered her tuition, provided her with a laptop, and even gave her monthly stipends to help with her living expenses.

With the support of the NextGen Academy, Hikmat was able to focus on her studies and excel in her classes. She quickly established herself as a top student and was known for her hard work and dedication.

After graduation, Hikmat landed a 6-month internship role at Seamfix, a leading technology company. Her success at the NextGen Academy and her internship at Seamfix is a testament to her talent and determination, but also to the power of support and opportunity.

Hikmat’s story shows that when women are supported and given the opportunity to excel, they can do it successfully. It is a reminder that investing in young women’s education can lead to a brighter future for them and for the world.


Hikmat Dikko

Each of our graduates was enrolled in one of the 3 tracks that the Academy offers; Frontend Development, Backend Development and Product Design. They had the opportunity to choose which track aligned more closely with their career goals, and we supported them from start to finish.

The 3 programs are designed to be highly intensive, with a focus on hands-on learning and real-world experience through working on projects. This approach has proven to be highly effective, and has helped many NextGen graduates to secure employment in their chosen fields immediately after graduation.

A unique characteristic of the NextGen Academy is the diverse and talented group of individuals, who come from all backgrounds and walks of life. Some of them are NYSC members, some have a regular 9-5 job and some are fresh graduates. Despite their different paths, they all share one common trait: a deep passion for personal growth and development.

Whether they are working on cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning, or exploring new frontiers in product design or web development, our students are united by a common goal: to use their knowledge and skills to make the world a better place. 

As the NextGen students take their first steps into the world, they are well-equipped to succeed in their chosen fields and make a real impact. Their knowledge, skills and experiences will drive them through the obstacles of the working world. As they embark on their new journey, they will be supported by the NextGen Academy’s dedication to preparing the students for a bright future.

Just like the recently graduated students, you too can learn a tech skill to upscale your life, standard of living and increase your chances of success in the job market by registering for the NextGen Academy. We currently have 3 tracks for the Academy; Frontend Development, Backend Development and Product Design. 

We commend and congratulate the NextGen graduates for their hard work, dedication, and perseverance. It is a reminder that education can change lives and shape the future. We wish the current class of NextGen graduates all the best in their future endeavours and look forward to following their success stories in the years to come!