Mobile Device Management: Importance of MDM Tools
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Mobile Device Management: Importance of MDM Tools

by Cynthia Eze

2 mins read


Mobile device management (MDM) is a software that enables administrators or IT departments to implement policies that monitor, secure, and manage end-user mobile devices.  The MDM tool offers a centralized platform for organizations to assign, authenticate, identify, track, and manage all mobile devices.

The sole aim of the MDM solution is to find the balance between user productivity, device management, and regulatory compliance.

As more employees depend heavily on mobile devices to do their work, it is becoming important for organizations to turn to management tools. With this, they can achieve enhanced data security and improved productivity.

There are many benefits to using the MDM tool to support your business. Efficiency, Increased security, lower costs, and control are particularly credible benefits. As well as the fact that an MDM tool enables your organizations to have visibility over their devices. Some specific benefits include:


Regulatory Compliance

Compliancy can be tracked and monitored through one centralized platform when you use Mobile Device Management tools. For some organizations, complying with a regulatory standard is very necessary. So having software in place with reporting is valuable.


Remote Management

The capacity to remotely manage users and the devices they are using is valuable. This helps to guarantee the security and health of all mobile devices connected to the network. Remote device access provides organizations with the option to disable any users or applications that are unauthorized. Thereby blocking specific access to important data. This can also reduce the risk of device misuse and data breaches.


Device Tracking

With some mobile device management solutions, you may have the option to track devices. This ensures that they remain within a specified safe location. Also, MDM solutions can help organizations to keep devices and data secure by setting and activating geo-locks.

Some companies have workers who are field-based and work within a specific, well-defined geographical area. In situations like this, geo-fencing can be highly useful for blocking access to stolen or lost devices. Also, geo-fencing limits your activity to your geographical radius.


Security Improvement

Organization-wide protocols and security procedures that apply to on-premises PCs can extend to all mobile devices. This means no loop in security protocols will be created. As things like identity management, access limitations, password regulation, and blacklists will extend to include mobile devices.


In conclusion, with the MDM tool, your business can easily identify which employee has which mobile device. The software enables your IT team to provide updates and replacements to your employee’s mobile devices as required. MDM uses centralized management and tracking features. This greatly reduces the amount of time and resources required by IT departments or administrators to manage mobile devices.

Again, if your company hasn’t implemented an MDM tool, your organization may be in danger. Moreover, the chance of data breach and damage to your reputation is high. Mobile device management removes risk from your organization and brings cost savings and efficiencies.


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