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Why SmartMDM is a Perfect Fit for Organizations

by Seamfix

Here is how it all started. Some nine to ten years ago, Blackberry devices and some other trendy brands were in vogue. They found their way into businesses, and organizations saw the need to purchase them to boost their employees’ efficiency and see their revenues grow as a result.


Of course, the demand for more mobile devices meant the need for a system to manage them simultaneously from an “alpha base.”


The demand soared when Android and iOS devices flooded the market- from mobile phones and tablets to digital scanners. Organizations needed more than a basic mobile device manager could offer, which meant only the best mobile device managers that could withstand the risks involved with these devices survived.


Now the dilemma


The need for an MDM that can guarantee maximum data security, real-time surveillance, system control, usage analysis, and location detection grew.


You can imagine how administrators had to choose among many too-good-to-be-true MDM offers and eventually settle for any random option.


But since the launch of SmartMDM, organizations have not only experienced the “smart” solution they have been longing for; they have gotten a result-centric system that perfectly houses excellent features that bring both flexibility and productivity to their businesses.

Why SmartMDM is a Perfect Fit for Organizations

Be it BYOD or company-owned Devices, here are why organizations most prefer SmartMDM


Unmatched Data Security

A major concern of many organizations is how vulnerable their data on the mobile devices could become once they get outside their walls. SmartMDM is a cloud-based solution that provides premium security for your classified data. It ensures that once your device is well-protected, your data is untouchable by any unauthorized personality.


Employee and On-field Agents’ Efficiency Management

You know agents or employees handling the mobile devices are humans, and they are likely to get distracted from their core duties once they have access to features beyond what their work requires. SmartMDM gives organizations the ability to manage their staff’s efficiency by determining the functionalities and applications that can work on these devices.


Mass Control Across Board

From a central location, SmartMDM allows you as a stakeholder to simultaneously monitor, control, update, and check all your devices’ health status remotely.


Easy User Onboarding

Be it BYOD or company-owned devices, SmartMDM boasts of an easy-to-navigate interface that allows administrators to onboard users easily to a central device. It enables you to easily perform functions such as account creation, automated device enrollment, bulk enrollment, assigning and mapping devices, and authenticating users.


Geofencing Implementation and Tracking

If your business operates in a specific geolocation, SmartMDM gives you the “third eye” to monitor and ensure that your devices are limited to functioning in that location alone. With the geofencing feature, you can determine the range at which a device can be active and even get alerted once it is used outside the perimeter.


These and many more features are why organizations that care about remote monitoring and data security choose SmartMDM.


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