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Identity is a right,

not a privilege.

Empower people to participate in the economy and access digital services with verified identities.



Build a successful
brand based on trust

Consumers will prioritize brands that give them that sense of ‘trust’. We can help you create an environment where people are as true as can be to foster a safe space.

Onboard honest
customers faster

Not everyone is ingenuine, yet everyone needs to be verified. Let us transform your onboarding processes to give genuine customers a better experience and faster turnaround time.

Reduce risk and
maintain a good image

Let us ensure your organization adheres to stipulated rules for enrollment as set by regulatory bodies, and avoid the penalties for defaulting.

Glean insights from
real information

Verify identities and ensure that only accurate data goes into the analytics so your organization can glean market intelligence from the truth.

Know your customer/

Avoid doing business with identity frauds and impersonators; meet all your identity validation challenges and ensure your customers/clients are exactly who they say they are.

Let’s help you build

trust one identity at a time!



Integrate easily

Start verifying identities with simple and straightforward integrations that complement your workflow.

Extra convenience

View sample codes and testing sandbox to make the process even simpler.

Simplified API

Get complex data represented in a simple .JSON format that ticks all the boxes for best practices.

Codeless integration

Save time on software development and enjoy easy usability of key services with little or no coding needed.

We maintain strict compliance to NDPR rules and data security standards.

Data sources and partners in Nigeria

Your go-to-source for identity services and certified data since 2007.

You’re in good company
Trusted by the industry’s best

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