Mobile Device Management (MDM): MDM for Schools
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Mobile Device Management (MDM): MDM for Schools

by Cynthia Eze

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The use of mobile devices at school has become popularly debated in many countries. While some schools offer to restrict devices to limit distractions, the vast majority of schools opt for using technology as a teaching tool. That raises new challenges for tech leaders who work in the field of education – now they need to find solutions for managing smartphones, laptops, and other connected devices at schools. They need to choose reliable mobile device management (MDM) services to ensure the devices will be used for good and will not become distractions for students.

The use of MDM can be a two-way tool. Not only do these technologies widen students’ capacity to learn. They also provide them with access to inappropriate online content. With all of these advantages comes the vulnerability of accessing mature content.

Thus, the implementation of MDM solutions helps alleviate risk by restricting access to certain websites and applications. Teachers would be enabled to monitor devices and notify of any dangerous activity. This tool can control students’ devices to ensure they are using their technology responsibly. It blocks websites and apps and monitors user activity. MDM can cover many factors, application deployment, security, and device maintenance.


Why do Schools need MDM Solutions?

IT admins in schools leverage mobile device management solutions to control and distribute security policies to the mobile devices that belong to one:

Here are 5 reasons why schools need MDM solutions more than ever.

Restrict inappropriate online content

 So many websites promote inappropriate content such as pornography, gambling, and more. Children are at risk for exposure to this violent, and sexually explicit content.

The role of the management is to minimize that exposure. While parents protect their kids at home, teachers are responsible for protecting their students at school. With the use of the MDM tool, access to these inappropriate websites could be blocked.


Create engaging learning experiences 

 A lot of school children had started using mobile apps and online tools before they went to school. They get used to being surrounded by technologies. Naturally, they have positive attitudes toward digitized education, and they want to use mobile devices and apps at schools.

So it will be great for schools to leverage new technologies to create an engaging learning experience without worrying about security.

With MDM solutions teaching can be a more intellectual, fun, and visually engaging experience that perfectly appeals to them. Teachers can provide students with opportunities to collaborate in real-time on team projects.


Block Distraction  

 One of the biggest concerns of teachers is that mobile devices cause. Generally, when students concentrate more attention on their phones rather than on what the teacher explains, the performance of the studying process reduces. Students acquire less information, and that affects their academic performance.

MDM for schools is designed to solve this problem. Using MDM solutions, IT admins or teachers can restrict access to specific apps. Apps such as gaming websites or social media platforms. That’s a great way to ensure that mobile devices do not distract students and are used for education purposes only.


Recover Lost or Stolen Devices

All devices possess a type, serial number, location history, and user information that can be traced if they are lost or stolen. Most MDM solutions acquire geolocation features that can locate lost or stolen devices.


 Improve Communication

 MDM solution supports collaboration amongst students. Students can share text files, images, or documents safely. There is no risk that some students will share a corrupted file within a group.


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