Time and Money: One Solution to Save You Both
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Time and Money: One Solution to Save You Both

by Seamfix

“Time is money” the saying goes which means the more time employed for work, the higher the level of productivity and profit. It is no surprise why time management is increasingly becoming a foremost point of attention for stakeholders in numerous organizations. A lot can be accomplished when people show up, and on time, hence, the need for tracking employees’ time and attendance. There are several ways of doing this, using a traditional punch cock, manual hand-written journal, paper timesheet …

…Oh that’s right we’re in the 21st century. If you still rely on the aforementioned methods of tracking employees hours, not only are you incurring unnecessary expenses, you’re also limiting the full potential of your workforce.

So, what are the alternatives to manual time cards? A time and attendance software. Equipped with that, an organization can avoid costly errors, streamline HR tasks, increase employee morale, and improve productivity.

Need more conviction? here are ten ways adopting a time and attendance software will save your business:

  1. Boost Productivity.

The productivity of personnel is the élan vital of any business. Tracking time and attendance using software to monitor work hours will bait employees to imbibe a new culture of punctuality and attendance thereby improving their daily outputs with proportion to time and thus productivity can skyrocket.

  1. Reduce Absenteeism.

With a time and attendance software, employees are given unfettered access to their attendance records, which means they can track their absenteeism level and quickly readjust.

  1. Identify and Address Potential Attendance Issues

On the surface, time away might seem like a few minutes here and there, however, when absent times add up they may qualify as an absent day, week or an unofficial work leave. With the reports generated by these solutions, employers will not only be able to track time violations but can also make informed decisions on attendance policies, which can be integrated seamlessly into the tracking software.

  1. Alleviate HR and Admin Workload

Aside from improving the flow and accuracy of data, time tracking within a software system eliminates the bottleneck of one person entering data for the entire staff. Most businesses that switch to automated software find that their administrative processes are streamlined, and the HR department is free to focus on their many other duties.

  1. Track Payroll

Pay-day to employees is like honey to bears. Human errors can easily occur when entering employee attendance manually which can end up delaying payday. Know that when it comes to payroll tracking, doing it wrong can quickly stir up a colossal catastrophe. With automated software, because exact hours are transparent to all, nonexempt employees are never over- or underpaid and employers can accurately calculate overtime pay or dock pay in no time at all.

  1. Distribute Workload Evenly

Keeping an accurate record of employee work hours also shows real-time analysis of productivity to assist employers make informed decisions on workload redistribution. Doing this right creates a sense of fairness and prevents the perception of favouritism that can negatively affect productivity. Moreover, employees’ morale can get lifted when they know their efforts are seen.

  1. To Track Remote Workers

These solutions can be used for tracking the attendance of employees that spend a portion of their work hours outside the office — like employees working from home or at an off-site location. Tracking attendance with a remote clocking feature provides accountability and a yardstick to measure employees’ performance against time spent in designated locations.

  1. Allow Prompt Handling of Time-Off Requests

Let’s face it, even the most productive employee enjoys a little time off. With a tracking software, it becomes easier to review and promptly approve or disapprove time off requests or shift swaps. Likewise, employees are relieved without the uncertainty of planning personal time away from the job or awaiting approval for an off day to deal with time-sensitive issues.

  1. Serve as Proof During Audit or a lawsuit

No one looks forward to a lawsuit, but it is best to be prepared for the unexpected. Reports generated by software tracking systems will serve as proof to support or disprove an employer/employee’s claim in case of a lawsuit.

  1. Foster a happier work environment

No discrepancies, transparency, reward of otherwise unseen efforts, ease of workload, incontestable vacation days; who wouldn’t be happy about those?

With the ‘HOW’S’ sorted out, there comes the question of ‘WHICH?’

There are literally hundreds of time and attendance software all with their unique features. So, which do you choose? To ease the decision-making process, you should bear in mind that there is more to attendance software than simply tracking hours worked. The right solution should be able to do more. For one, it should be highly flexible allowing you choose the features that work best for your company and to integrate your existing attendance policies. Some of these features include payroll integration, employee self-service options, and automated rostering software. Even better, your chosen solution should combine flexibility with ease by being mobile allowing employees clock in and out using their smartphones; It must have incorruptible module options for identification like magnetic card readers, PIN numbers or better yet biometric scanners; Geolocation feature that identifies the exact location of employees for safety and/or location monitoring; and what’s it all for if you cannot get tailored reports and data-driven insights to enable you make informed decisions?


Okay, maybe all that wasn’t enough to help you pick the juiciest from the unending tray of clones. Advice! when in doubt, go with the trendiest. And what’s the trendiest thing since the invention of smartphones … Selfies!!! iClocker is a time and attendance software that goes beyond the norm to allow employees clock in and out just by taking a selfie, smiling. It combines fun, ease and affordability without compromising on productivity and relevance, so your employees can clock in with a smile and you can smile the most at the ease of monitoring.

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5 Ways A Time and Attendance Solution Will Do Your Business Better In 2019

by Seamfix

Fact: A study by the American Payroll Association shows that employers lose 4.5 hours per week per employee in time theft. This means that without an effective time and attendance management solution, employers are statistically paying employees for a total of 6 weeks worth of stolen hours, out of 52 weeks every year. That’s a whopping lot!

LOST TIME in businesses amounts to much more than sick-days and paid leaves. The real loss comes from incremental employee attendance indiscretions. For instance, when a worker is habitually late for 20 minutes every morning, it translates to them being paid for 80 hours of lost time every year. When figures like this are collated for multiple employees, the results are enormous. The direct cost implications of lost-time to the employer, on any level of business, over a fiscal year is easily mind-boggling when worked out.

Your goal as an employer of labour is to derive exact productive value from them, otherwise, the arrangement is unbalanced. If there is a chance you might be paying for hours your employees put no work in for, then it is time to review your time and attendance management option — Here are five reasons why;


The foremost usage of time and attendance software is to stem the bleeding of funds through employee time fraud. The best-in-breed timekeeping software employs the biometric means of clocking in, thereby eliminating any chance of buddy punching, and producing results that are 100% accurate. You also get to cut spending in two ways – by eliminating time-theft, and by bypassing the costs for manual monitoring and supervision. Human error is completely eradicated thanks to an automated process flow. Hence with the increased operational efficiency and manpower availability, your organization can grow freely.


The transparent reports generated by a time and attendance solution will ensure that time cheats are flagged and not rewarded equally as diligent employees. This builds an environment of fairness and equality that everyone in the workplace would appreciate. Ordinarily, disgruntled employees who feel victimized by the additional work thrust on them as a consequence of the time fraud of a colleague will more often than not ‘get their own’ back in a passive-aggressive manner… at the employer’s expense. They will either commit time-fraud themselves or illicitly reward themselves with company resources in another way. When HR monitors time and attendance with timekeeping software, a level playing field and neutrality are introduced to the workplace, further simplifying the work of that department.


Time and attendance management solutions provide an effortless basis for a performance review; and for calculating overtime payments, benefits, and leave-time used or due. Employees create data points every time they clock in or out, which accumulate in a database from which detailed reports are generated and for thorough analysis. Huge amounts of workforce data generated provide insights that enable data-based forecasting, to measure performance and calculate payroll.


It is easier to create, share and track schedules with web-based time and attendance systems. Shift management is streamlined as employee schedules can easily be created on the basis of location, attendance requirements and such. Centralized access to employee work hours and locations across an organization offers visibility to optimally utilize a workforce. Unbalanced work schedules are minimized with a resultant reduction in total expenditure. Also, workstation tracking enabled by time and attendance solutions gives the employer a detailed overview of attendance behavior of staff designated to specific work locations.


Time and attendance solutions generate records that are easy to retrieve and review – as needed in the event of an audit or litigation (involving employees) for instance. Establish the innocence of an employee with irrefutable recorded-evidence, or prove their guilt. Timekeeping records also serve as a basis for the assessment of adherence to labor regulations. The digital records are inarguable, and unlike paper-based ones, they are indestructible. A biometric time and attendance solution would go further to eliminate any ambiguity of identity.

But wait……there’s more! The Ideal Solution would give you all of that plus…


A Cloud-based time and attendance software would give you instant access to your attendance data from anywhere on the planet; and multiple, remote or new locations don’t present any challenges either.


Depending on the procedure, employees can waste as much as 5 minutes every morning on manual attendance documentation. Between the manual data-capture and cataloging steps of certain traditional methods, the entire process is sometimes far too complex to be efficient. Time and attendance management solutions are user-friendly, making life easier for your HR department and employees in general.

By The Ideal Solution, we mean iClocker. A mobile, cloud-based, solution fit for all time and attendance needs. We are talking remote time and attendance supervision, multiple location tracking, offline clock-in/clock-out, biometric recognition, real-time reports, shift and leave management, single device feature and so much more.

Even more, you can get started with a free trial at the click of a button…. It really doesn’t get any better than iClocker.


How To Ensure Your Employees Comply With Attendance Policies

by Seamfix

The operation of any organization is a well-oiled machine, with moving parts that must perform on cue, or productivity is diminished. Without adequate attendance management, it is rather easy for personnel to get away with unpunctuality and even non-attendance. Wily employees know all the tricks to circumvent lax attendance clocking systems … and oblivious to their antics, you would have your business decline, and not know why.

The big question is— How do you ensure your employees comply with set time and attendance policies of your organization?

Here’s what we propose;

An Automated, Real-time Attendance Management Software:

To ensure that your workforce complies to time and attendance policies, time-keeping software is requisite –technology that has been honed to streamline workforce-monitoring, and guarantee accuracy. With no loopholes for attendance-fraud, your employees would be compelled to comply with the set policies. The right automated attendance clocking system in place will literally do all the work, especially, generate comprehensive and errorless records at all times.

An Easy-to-use System:

Employees appreciate any simplification of their work and will quickly buy into an attendance clocking system that requires minimal input from themselves. They would appreciate a self-service system that doesn’t involve too many steps. HR on their part would be quite keen on real-time attendance management that doesn’t require extensive training, or many man-hours to execute. Workflow thusly simplified will drive productivity.

How About a Fun-to-use System:

You can offer your employees a daily routine that is not only tractable but enjoyable as well. When clocking-in to work is not a despairing experience but a fun activity like taking a selfie – getting to work on time could become something refreshing to look forward to every morning. This can make all the difference.

                                     But, does any one solution perfectly match every need?

I guess it’s time we introduced you to iClocker — A time and attendance management software built on cutting-edge technology, which allows you to do so much more. You no longer need clunky equipment, or to make hefty expenses as your employees can register their attendance by using their already existing smartphones no matter the location they are, while you get untainted real-time reports without human interference.

Take a seat, relax and let us tell you more reasons why you definitely should choose iClocker;

No room for buddy-punching –

iClocker uses a facial-recognition system to verify identities on-the-go. This means employees can never cheat the system by clocking in for each other as iClocker flags off impersonation instantly. The software goes even further by employing a smile-recognition which identifies personnel when they smile into the front cameras of their mobile devices… No, not like a selfie, it is an actual selfie.

Even better, it works on a single mobile device –

Still leaving no room for excuses, iClocker boasts of a single device feature which allows for all employees in a particular location to clock in to work on a single mobile device. Get this, a smartphone or tablet with a functional camera is all the hardware needed to get started with iClocker on a single device mode.

Location verification on-the-go –

Besides verifying identities, iClocker verifies clock in locations to ensure that staff record their attendance only in assigned locations and nowhere else. The software autonomously recognizes the exact personnel who are expected to clock-in and out from a particular location, and when, and instantly flags-off any irregularities. With this, employers can easily monitor employees in multiple remote off-site locations.

Real-time attendance reports and analytics –

iClocker, the digital HR, generates detailed attendance reports in real-time, automatically and without human interference. This means that organizations do not need to employ an extra hand for the job, and since there is no human effort needed, the data is clean and accurate. With this data, employers can easily make data-driven decisions as regards time and attendance and even payroll.

Offline clock in and out from any location –

With iClocker, no Internet-coverage is no impediment at all – simply take the selfie as before to clock in, the entry will be logged and synced with the backend as soon as a connection is restored.

Interested? You can begin today with the one mobile time and attendance solution that serves your business best. Click HERE to start a free trial.


Choosing The Best Time Clock Systems for Small Businesses

by Seamfix

Are you the proud owner of a small business? Congratulations, you’ve made it thus far and would want to get to even greater heights. However, having employees that do not show up can take the business several steps backward.

Like this honest fellow, Mr. John Doe, who owns a chain of boutiques situated in two locations both far apart by 5000 miles. He works at the headquarters and has two shop attendants deftly manning the other branch — or so he thinks. So it’s Friday afternoon, 2:36 pm and Jane signs out from her shift on the attendance booklet stating she left at exactly 3 pm and goes further to sign in for Bob the second attendant as he had called earlier to say he was on his way. Jane locks the boutique up, goes away and Bob never shows up. There were to be parties on Saturday as always, and expectant customers trooped to the building to shop propelled by a vivid OPEN sign, only to be stopped short by a tightly bolted door. Meanwhile, from Mr. John Doe’s conversation with Bob over the phone, Bob is sitting in the boutique and sales are slow. Bob even sends a picture of the store with no customers -one he took two days ago- to further buttress his lie. By the end of the month, profit will be low, Bob and Jane will be paid and customers will be lost.

No amount of marketing strategy can solve the problem of low sales if lateness and absenteeism are at the root. The one solution is to invest in time clock systems for small businesses – A solution that automates the process of tracking time and attendance of employees to easily monitor punctuality and presence.

What to look for…

Based on the needs of small businesses, the best time clock systems must meet the following criteria:

Affordable without compromising on quality.

A mobile solution that eliminates hardware installation costs.

Cater to the needs of business owners with numerous branches.

Have features that enable employees to register lunch breaks, shifts, emergency leaves and more.

Enable business owners to supervise both full-time employees and contingent workforces.

Automated reporting, so there is no need to hire extra labor and workload is less.

Why iClocker is The Perfect Solution.

iClocker is the best suited time clock systems for small business owners in every sector to manage the time and attendance of employees across multiple branches. This mobile solution simplifies workforce management by automating the process so that business owners do not need to hire extra labor to manage time and attendance and admin duties are alleviated.

iClocker is packed full with features required to solve all time and attendance needs; It is a flexible mobile solution which eliminates the cost of hardware installation. It boasts of a facial recognition system which verifies employees identities on-the-go leaving no room for impersonation. A geo-tagging feature that pinpoints the exact location of employees to ensure no one clocks in at a wrong location. An emergency clock-out feature so that employers can know when an employee is unavailable and why.

Here are SIX more reasons why your business needs iClocker;  

  1. Affordable Without Compromising on Productivity:  iClocker’s pricing is flexible enough to fit any small business owners’ budget. Even more, employers can test the solution with FREE unlimited access for 14 days.
  2. Multiple Locations, One Solution: iClocker as a mobile solution allows employees clock in/out using their smartphones from any location assigned to them by the admin. So small business owners with numerous branches planted across the world can easily supervise employees without moving an inch.
  3. Single Device, Multiple Users: iClocker goes further to make provisions for small businesses with employees who do not have supporting OS smartphones. The company can have one central mobile device (tablet or smartphone) where all employees can clock in and out.
  4. No Internet, No Problem: Whether there’s internet connectivity or not, iClocker allows employees successfully clocking in and out. Therefore, small business owners do not need to top up data for employees.
  5. Automated and Simplified: With iClocker about 75% of the work is done by the solution and user experience is simplified so that users are conversant with the app after a single onboarding process.
  6. Centralized Real-time Reports: iClocker automatically generates individual reports in real-time for all members of staff in different branches. Admins can easily view their dashboards to filter punctuality and absent status. More so, employees get a view of their attendance status on their dashboard.

Now that you know, make supervising time and attendance of your employees one less thing to worry about and save yourself the brutal cost of absenteeism. Get started now with iClocker FREE by clicking here.

5 Benefits of Time Clock Systems for Schools

by Seamfix

How can a child successfully master a skill when his or her progress is continuously interrupted by the teacher’s absence?

A teacher is the most influential factor in a student’s academic success and can change the trajectory of a child’s entire life. Not only do teachers’ tardiness and absenteeism hurt the students, it also affects taxpayers, parents, and largely, the credibility of the school as there is a correlation between general absenteeism of staff in a school and the perceived quality of that school. Therefore, reducing absenteeism of both administrative and non-administrative staff must be a priority of every school board.

A lot of schools still adopt the manual methods of supervising time and attendance all of which have little or no positive effect and the task is a burden on responsible staff. The best option is Time Clock Systems for Schools.

Here’s how time clock systems for schools will benefit you.

The benefits of time clock systems for schools are numerous, however, five benefits stand out:

  • Better Time Management: The right solution will ensure a smooth and organized running of operations as administrators can better track time worked by faculty, staff, student workers, volunteers, and part-time employees.  Moreover, valuable time is saved as the process is automated and needs little or no human effort.
  • Understand workforce availability:  Time clock systems will ensure that administrators are abreast with the attendance status of staff to know who is available at a particular time. With this, scheduling resources and staffing can be optimized. More so, staff performance can be tracked at the touch of a button, so getting information like ‘Most punctual teacher of the year’ or answering questions like ‘whose pay to dock for being absent without leave?’ or making decisions like ‘granting off time requests” can be done at a glance.
  • Quality and compliance: Effective staff performance is essential to keeping the school system functioning smoothly. Time clock systems for schools will ensure compliance with labor laws and curb time theft. With help from a tracking software application, management will be able to keep the entire school under control and measure staff productivity in relation to time and attendance.
  • Policy Making: With access to instant untainted reports that time clock systems for schools provide, admins can gain knowledge to better manage absence and punctuality. Information like time off liabilities, attendance behaviors of staff, time-theft perpetrators, leave overuse and more will ensure effective data-driven policies are made to curb tardiness and absenteeism.
  • Profitable bottom line: When it comes to education, parents and taxpayers go for credibility and will enroll their children in schools that promise the best. A school with absenteeism problems will not be ranked over a school that frowns at it. Therefore, more students will troop to that school, hence more profit.

Time and Attendance Supervision Made Easy With iClocker

We could go on and on, telling you all the other benefits of time clock systems for schools, or we could go straight to showing you the perfect solution fit to solve all time and attendance needs.

iClocker is a mobile time and attendance solution fit for schools of all sizes to manage punctuality, track attendance, and supervise teaching and non-teaching staff in multiple locations with real-time reports centralized in one suite.

This cloud-based solution maintains the biometric means of clocking in through its facial recognition system which means no more buddy punching or impersonation. What more, administrators do not have to spend money on hardware installation or maintenance as this mobile solution only asks that users clock in/ out using their own smartphones, with or without the internet.

iClocker simplifies the strenuous and time-consuming tasks other processes promise. So why don’t you get started now for FREE.


Choosing The Best Time Clock Systems For Construction

by Seamfix

So you are a site supervisor or contractor, back on the site two weeks after a well-needed vacation and what you are faced with is a classic case of ‘what I ordered versus what I got’. Not only does it seem like no progress has been made on the site since you left, but then only a few of your workers are actually on site.

And then you begin asking questions;

Where is the bricklayer?” and the answer you get is, “I dunno, I haven’t seen him in two days.”

This comes as a shock to you of course because you spoke with the bricklayer today and the day before and he assured you without a hint of doubt that he was on the site doing the work you are paying him daily to do.

Next, ‘talk of the latecomer and here he comes’ the bricklayer strolls to the site with the candor of an innocent man and when he sees you, he throws a guilty smile. “Ah, when did you arrive? I didn’t know you will be here today.”

If this is your story, it is best to consider a ‘time clock system’ fast.

Managing construction workforce remotely can be significantly tasking, what with keeping track of hours spent at work, vacation time, and overtime. Automating this process with a time and attendance solution enables you to do all that in no time at all whilst improving employee accountability, inspiring a culture of punctuality, revamping attendance policies, cutting operational costs and increasing productivity.

What you need…

As a supervisor with mobile employees and contingent workforce who work in multiple locations throughout the day, you need a bird’s-eye view of where your workforce is at any given moment. Clock in systems offer GPS tracking that allows you to see if your a member of your workforce is present at an assigned location, is on the way, or has yet to clock in for the day

– If you pay your construction workers by the hour, you need to be able to see what time your workforce resume to the site or leave the site for any reason at all so you do not pay for absent hours.

– Since you are managing an entire crew, working with subcontractors, and even pacifying worried customers, the last thing you would want to add to your workload is sorting through loads of time cards, uploading attendance reports, and manually tracking payroll. Let a software do that for you.

Your choice solution would have to be mobile so that you do not need to spend money buying hardware to be installed in all your different locations.

– What would it be all for if at the end you do not get real-time accurate data? With a clock in system, you get reports and analytics of your workforce attendance behavior in real-time and since the process is automated, the data is accurate down to the second with no human interference whatsoever.

We agree that change is hard…

The change from a manual process to an automated way of monitoring time and attendance may be hard initially, especially for the crew since they have operated a certain way for a while and are probably okay with the method. Therefore, your choice time clock system must be user-friendly and simple so that it is easy enough to use after one onboarding session; flexible so that it suits your business needs even as they arise; and be interesting enough to convince your workforce to happily ditch the old method.

iClocker for the win…

From biometric facial recognition to GPS tracking to real-time reporting, iClocker saves hours on time and attendance monitoring making it the ideal time clock system for construction everywhere. This cloud-based time and attendance solution works on mobile phones, so the workforce can clock in to work using their own smartphones.

With iClocker, employees register their arrival daily at assigned locations by taking selfies of themselves smiling. The biometric effect ensures that not only can members of staff clock in from any location, they also can not be impersonated or ‘helped’ to clock in.

Besides having the simplicity that your workforce will love or the detailed reporting that will make you happier, this solution also covers all the bases leaving no room for excuses. No internet, clock in can be done offline. No smartphone, clock in with the single touchpoint device. What other excuses can there be?

In conclusion, it is not unheard of for offsite workers to go AWOL once the supervisor is not around. So, if you are worried about truancy at the site, maybe getting ready to rush to the site to take a headcount… pause for minute… and click on this LINK to get started with iClocker FREE.

What The Right Clock Systems For Hospitals Should Look Like.

by Seamfix

What happens when employees don’t clock in to work? Now, what happens when doctors don’t clock in to work?

Employee absenteeism can be a huge loss for any organization, especially in hospitals where workers are mission-critical and in-patient healthcare facilities require around-the-clock human supervision. The need for effective time management cannot be overemphasized as everything in the hospital is time sensitive. A second delay by an on-call doctor or front-line nurse can have a colossal effect on patient care and become costly to overall healthcare. Any more delay would mean that already tired healthcare providers that should be clocking out of their shifts would have to endure increased workload, which would cause them to burn out, and not only is this bad for the patients, burnout can lead to more absenteeism in the hospital that already suffer workforce shortages.

Yes, effective time management is needed in hospitals, however keep in mind that effective time management is also very complex. This is because healthcare professionals often do not work a normal eight-hour shift or a consistent schedule. Without careful scheduling management, the mistake of scheduling more people than necessary is very likely which would increase operating costs and eventually capsize labor budgets. Even more, having to meet the demands of the complex scheduling, if done manually, would take its toll on the responsible party and eat into time that should be spent on other tasks.

Code Red! A time and attendance solution is needed, stat!

Clocking in systems for hospitals will allow management easily supervise time and attendance of on-call health providers and contingent workforce to know who resumes at work, when and where. It gives the management team insights into staff attendance behaviors to help make better decisions on policies and costs. Attendance software goes beyond supervision to automating the way schedules are created, to ensure that labor demands of each shift are met without going over payroll hours.

What should the right clock systems for hospitals look like?

Clock systems for hospitals that will address the complexities of the healthcare workforce must have these important capabilities:

  1. Mobile Clock in/out: A large number of healthcare providers travel to patients’ homes to tend to them or work as long-term aides outside the hospital. Mobile time and attendance solutions ensure that these workers can clock in and out for these appointments anywhere they are and the needed information will be captured and sent to the admin.
  2. Real-time Reports and Analytics: The management team must be fed with insights on time and attendance behaviors of the workers. This will enable them to make smart data-driven attendance policies and payroll decisions to reduce wasted wages.
  3. No human Interference: Efficient organization of information on a screen to allow admins easily view, track and manage all of the reports in one simplified format without help from humans, eliminating any chance for mishandling.
  4. Flexible: It must be able to accommodate the complexities of healthcare attendance policies, and can be changed as often as policies change.
  5. Geo-location: The solution must ensure that when employees clock in and out from the field, their locations can be verified and pinpointed in real-time to prove that they are actually where they say they are.

Introducing the perfect solution.

Meet iClocker, a mobile clock in software that enables HR executives and business owners to track the time and attendance of their staff in real-time, from anywhere in the world. With iClocker, on-call healthcare providers and contingent workforce can easily clock in and out from any location using their Android smartphones. Whey they do, the facial recognition system of the app instantly verifies the employee’s details, a liveliness detector proves that such employee is taking a real-time picture, a geotagging service pinpoints the exact location of the employee flagging it as wrong or right, and finally the admin gets instant real-time reports of clock in/out times and locations of every employee all centralized in one suite. All of these happen in no time at all and at the touch of a single button.

Now, that is complexity simplified by user-friendly technology which you can get for FREE here.