Seamfix Introduces A Robust solution BioRegistra To Aid The Collection Of Quality Data For Clinical Trials
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Seamfix Introduces A Robust solution BioRegistra To Aid The Collection Of Quality Data For Clinical Trials

by Seamfix

The maiden edition of a Clinical Research summit titled “The Clinical Investigators’ Summit” was organized by Clinique Research Development Limited in partnership with The Global Health Network. This event was held at Radisson Blu Anchorage Hotel, Victoria Island, Lagos State, Nigeria on the 12th of February 2020. The theme of the summit was “Strategy for Collection of Quality Data/Site Preparedness”.

The summit aimed at bringing together pharmaceutical companies, food companies, medical device companies, human development NGOs, Government regulatory bodies, research-active sites, clinical research professionals and study Investigators to share good clinical practices and develop strategic direction for the management of trials in Nigeria. The program intends to propose a system for the development, training, and establishment of ‘accredited’ clinical trial sites in Nigeria.


In attendance to the program are the Director of the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) represented by Mr Kayode Amuda, the Lagos State Commissioner for Health represented by Dr, Hussein Abdulrazaq, the Chairperson of the Association of Good Clinical Practice Nigeria (AGCPN) represented by Dr Anthonia Sowunmi, the Chairman of the National Health Research Ethics Committee (NHREC) represented by Dr Ado Danladi. 




Other distinguished guests present were Dr Adebayo Adejumo from the Centre for Bioethics and Research; University of Ibadan, Dr Margaret Ekpenyong representing the Director-General of the National Institute of Pharmaceutical Research and Development (NIPRD), Dr Mike Iroezindu who is the Director of Research at the Walter Reed Program Nigeria; U.S. Army Medical Research Directorate, Ms Temi Adeyemi who is the Director of Clinical Operations; Reliance Clinical Limited United Kingdom, the Institute of Human Virology Nigeria (IHVN) represented by Ms Sophia Osarewe, Prof. Oliver Ezechi who is the Director of Research at the Nigerian Institute of Medical Research (NIMR), Dr Adaeze Oreh who is a member of the governing council of PAMO University of Medical Sciences Rivers state. 


Each of these guests gave presentations on different areas of expertise that are related to the conduct of clinical trials and epidemiological studies using humans. Their presentations span from the regulatory processes of NAFDAC and NHREC, the importance of quality data management in human studies, the future of young researchers in the field of clinical research, to good clinical practice guidelines.


What are clinical trials? 

Clinical trials are experiments or observations done in clinical research. Data/Information collected from these studies/research is the only valid means of understanding the effects of treatments in Humans.

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Dr Mike Iroezindu enlightened the audience on the methods and processes to be implemented by study sites for a prospective clinical trial. He stated that “Site preparedness is the key. The reason we end up with challenges and sad stories is because of lack of preparation and that proper planning leads to positive results”. 

Prof. Oliver Ezechi emphasized on the need for good clinical data management in conducting clinical trials, starting from the paper data collection, electronic data capture, to the database lock. He ended his presentation with “the ultimate goal of clinical data management is to assure that data support conclusion drawn from trials and achieving this goal protects public health and confidence in marketed therapeutics”.

A panel discussion was held which erupted to different conversations relating to the challenges of conducting clinical trials in Nigeria and the way forward. Representing Seamfix during the panel session was Miss Kosisochukwu ofodile, who was asked this question “What are your contributions in ensuring smooth data management and tight data security in conducting clinical trials and how can you contribute to ensuring this for clinical trial sites?”

She took a deep dive into how a robust data management system like BioRegistra is highly needed in the clinical sites and will promote high quality clinical research, coordinate resources  and most importantly gain transparency into the trial research. Giving various use case scenarios on how our cloud platform will help organisations during and after their clinical trial research, she also highlighted key benefits of BioRegistra, from the Offline and online data capture to accessibility and having one unified source for clinical trials. 

Once the panel session was concluded, the audience were given time to ask questions and give recommendations. Once this session closed, there was a consensus that clarified to all participants of the event, the quality of research expected from Nigeria on a global scale and the processes to follow to optimize the integrity of clinical trials and epidemiological studies conducted in the country.




Celebrating 12 Years of Innovation and Awesomeness!

by Seamfix

Wow! A decade and 2 years has been an incredible and wonderful ride, no doubt with some ups and downs. For us, our anniversary goes beyond any kind of celebration, but a subtle reminder and true evidence of 12 years innovation, 12 years continuous existence, 12 years awesomeness, 12 years agile-problem solving, 12 years building award-winning solutions, 12 years of making dreams come true and impacting millions of African people and businesses to achieve more daily, now that’s a good way to celebrate!. 



On this note Seamfix turned 12 years on the 19th of October and it was celebrated in Grand style for two days. 

Day 1 was themed with a dress code “REPRESENT YOUR STATE” as to recognize our roots (AFRICA) of which our company was birthed from. All Seamfixers came glamorously dressed in their traditional attires representing various tribes in Africa. Not leaving behind our traditionally decorated red carpet where all seamfixers were paparazzied. 

The event was hosted by our very own seamfixer Ifiok Udoh Manager, Technical Operations and the celebrations kicked off with an opening remark by our Executive director of Seamfix, Chibuzor Onwurah, he began with the reason Seamfix was founded and its continuous objective in impacting society through our cutting-edge solutions. 


The day moved on with many other great performances  by our employees, We had various game activities like Chineese whisper, kahoot and many more….



We also had a dance performance by our very own Seamfixer Stanley Enumah, it was mind blowing seeing him do that flip!


Talking about the the best runway models at seamfix, we had a fashion show crowning our “LOLO” and “IGWE” of Seamfix. 

Okhiaofe Ivharue (Corporate Communications) and Nnanna Madu (Head, Engineering)


We also had another rendition by our Poet Moses Richoffor , who wrote a poem about Seamfix, take a look…. 

This is not a poem, this is a thread, The narrow thread of speed,

Those heartbeats as deadlines peep. The late nights, brags and struggles.

A thread on brilliant Seamfixers sworn to a quest, To seek solutions, and capture an essence.

A mash of achievements built on endless work culture,meetings, ideas and creativity… all yours.

This is not a poem, this is a celebration, Of mini gods who dared to create the future.

A decade and 2 years of delivering solutions, And many more excellent years yet to capture.

Happy 12th Anniversary to Seamfix.


We couldn’t get over so many talents that were unveiled during the celebrations. Now that’s what we call real Talents!

While celebrating day 2 of our company anniversary, Our CEO, Mr Chimezie Emewulu started off with the history of Seamfix, achievements, challenges, milestones, etc. We could all tell that the speech motivated each and everyone of us. 


Still in the spirit of celebration, we honored our employees for their dedicated and distinguished service to the company. we honored them all with prominent titles who deserved them for their hard work and dedication over the years.


As we are keen towards employee satisfaction which is one of our core values, some employees were also recognized for going the extra mile in rendering kindness and showing support in little or big ways towards their colleagues.  

The anniversary cake was sliced by the management team, alongside various department. To end the event, we all echoed our Anthem also known as the “Seamfix Creed”. The entire event was a perfect combination of cheerful, fun, inspiring moments and we are sure glad to have our friends from Decagon. 


Here are wonderful glimpses from the celebration below: 











Seamfix Hosts the Atlassian User Group connect 3.0

by Seamfix

Seamfix in collaboration with the Atlassian User Group hosted another edition of their MeetUp right at the Seamfix HQ, on Saturday 21st of September. This Atlassian User Group connects 3.0 edition was focused on efficiently managing development teams with Jira and also simplifying software QA processes. 


The conference had a rich line up of speakers and among these speakers were representatives from Seamfix and other companies. Starting the first session was our first speaker, Nnanna Madu (Head, Solutions Delivery),  who talked briefly about achieving your objectives and key results. He went further to explain how we integrate Jira to our other work tools to maximize efficiency and productivity. 


Alongside our second speaker, Lamide Ajayi (Scrum master, Business Analyst), who talked about our Seamfix Agile approach to our daily work culture and how various Atlassian tools like Jira, confluence and many more are used to track and monitor daily task, analyze the productivity and achieve various OKR’s. 


To round up the first session was Ebong Ibokette (Scrum master, Business analyst), who gave a breakdown on how these atlassian tools can represent our OKRs and give a quick illustration of our daily tasks. 

After this session, there was break time where people got to know each other and network. 

To start the second session was Zainab Igwe of OPay and she gave a deep dive into how she uses Atlassian tools to Efficiently carry out her QA processes, giving gave a break-down of her work-flow and effective ways to carry out her QA task effectively. 


This MeetUp served as a hub to learn and share insights on how local companies are changing the way they do business with leading tools in the market. it was a very interactive session and also a good platform to gain more knowledge and network with various individuals.



by Seamfix

This is to officially announce that Seamfix Nigeria Limited has revealed a change of name to “SEAMFIX LIMITED”.

The change of name allows the company to emphasize on her wide-ranging objectives, reflect her future strategies and near-term roadmap.

Mr. Chimezie Emewulu, Managing Director of Seamfix ltd, expresses his excitement about this change “I am thrilled about this as it is a strategic push towards creating a foundation for more new opportunities and evolving in business.

Our new name will reflect a firm commitment for our company to continue delivering cutting-edge technology solutions that enable our clients and customers to meet their needs, daily.

Over the years, we have grown into a market leader expanding beyond
Nigeria into other emerging economies in Africa and beyond. The change
of name helps us represent this and also amplify the new global mission that we intend to achieve.

At Seamfix Limited, we are keen on customer satisfaction and this change does not in any way affect her clients and customers, as her main goal still remains to build customer-centric solutions that play a key role in enabling millions of individuals to meet the growing global demand for identity management
and data digitization.

In line with this, we will be revamping slightly to represent this new position in the coming weeks. This change takes effect immediately, however, not to worry as Seamfix Nigeria limited now Seamfix limited will ensure same unwavering support and services as always during this period.