Ones For The Future: Seamfixer Teaches Young Kids To Code
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Ones For The Future: Seamfixer Teaches Young Kids To Code

by Seamfix

One thing we sure have in abundance at Seamfix are young people who are looking to make a lasting impact on the society. This is evident in why we call ourselves ‘Super-Seamfixers’. Therefore, it was with excitement and warm hearts that we embraced the idea of having one of our own embark on one of such journeys to touch the society.

Recently, Henry Okonkwo, one of our UI/UX developers, in partnership with Fidelity Bank organized a two-week boot-camp for primary school kids. At the boot-camp, children were taught basic programming language in a bid to spur and whet their appetite for coding and technology.



It is no longer news that some of the best brains behind technology began to code right from a very young age and with the support of concerned societies. It is only right that we do the same for our kids too, by familiarizing them with the peripherals of important programming languages. This is a way of setting the path for future inventors and software developers.



We appreciate the effort of Henry and other members of staff with similar initiatives because if feeds into our culture of helping millions achieve more daily. This is also one reason why Seamfix remains one of the best companies to work for in Nigeria.